In RKM 7.6.4 Knowledge management application, I am not able to see desired knowledge article in my search results from Search Console or Global search.

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    There can be different possibilities for search not to produce desired results and this document provides a way to troubleshoot these issues.
    A. Basic troubleshooting from the application
    1) Make sure that the search string you are searching for is correct and is not present in the stop words list defined by Full Text Search (a.k.a. FTS here onwards) Note: You can check this list from form “AR System Administration: Server Information” under FTS tab, Field: Ignore Words List.
    2) Check source lists in advance search tab that the logged in user has permissions to all sources present in the list. The logged in user can search knowledge articles only from the sources, which are accessible to them and are selected (check box should be ticked).
    3) Search results get filtered depending on advance search parameters user provide while searching, so be careful while adding this filters and ensure that they are correct.
    4) Visibility group applied to knowledge base defines articles accessibility (who all can refer/ view the article). If the logged in user is not an administrator or does not have unrestricted permissions, the knowledge articles with specific Visibility Groups only will be shown, so make sure appropriate visibility group has been applied to the articles as well as while searching.
    Search uses multi-form search (MFS) feature to perform actual search on various knowledge sources. If the problem is not resolved with any of above, follow the next sections to identify the root cause.
    Please note that the following sections are fairly technical and expect the troubleshooter to have basic technical knowledge of AR platform and plugins.


    B. MFS troubleshooting
    1)  With same user, try searching for result from the form MFS:MultiFormSearch. If the desired results are not available in the form itself, they will never be shown in the application search. Application search results (both Knowledge Search and Global Search) are a subset of these search results.
    Refer configuration guide page no.326 (Creating a form and workflow to search across multiple forms), this document will tell you how to use this form.
    (Note:  In case of FTS /MFS related issues refer documents 1. FTS_MFS Design   2. Troubleshooting FTS)

    2) If user can’t see desired results on this form then following things should be checked
    a. Check for Knowledge Source status to ensure that it’s indexed
    o  Log in with knowledge Admin permission
    o  Go to knowledge management console -> Manage knowledge sources,
              It has list of all registered sources. Check for status.
    • If it is Indexing or In Progress, wait until status is ready and then continue with search.
    • If it is Failed, then select source entry -> click on modify button-> next, verify user inputs on each screen -> continue process till end (Finish button) -> this will fire registration plug-in for that source entry.
    • Check for status of a source, check for AR java plug-in. java file for logs.
    (Note: It would be helpful if debug level is set to “debug”).
    b. From the developer studio, open the AR form that represent template containing data. Check whether the form fields containing the required data have following properties set as expected:
    o Index for FTS
    o Full Text MFS Category Name
    o In case, if you are searching for HTML content (e.g. RTF fields), check for properties Strip Tags for FTS. If Strip Tags for FTS property is set to true, in results it will ignore HTML Tags.
    (Note: Please refer “RKM_FTS_Forms.csv” file, this file has report, which has list of fields and expected values of their FTS properties. (Report includes fields from OOTB templates and searchable items)
    o At form level check following properties (From Properties -> Full Text Search)
    • Scan time for Full Text index field updates:
    If the scan schedule is not chosen, the Changes done to FTs properties   on form will not be picked for FTS indexing until next re-indexing for the form. Hence, it is advisable that the customer choose scan policy as well.
    • Check whether Relevancy fields (like Title, Keyword, and Environment) are set properly.
    • Make sure “Exclude from multi- form search” should not be ticked.
    o  Server should have FTS indexer property enabled:
    (Note: You can verify this from form “AR System Administration: Server Information” under FTS tab, disable FTS indexer check box should be unchecked)
    o  There can be possibility that on searching, user is getting results  but some columns (ex. Title, Article id) are blank.
     In such scenario, check field properties like  Index For FTS,
         Full Text MFS Category Name, Relevancy fields.

    3)  If user can fetch results from MFS:MultiFormSearch but not from Knowledge Search or Global Search in ITSM, we should check for following things
    a. Turn-on workflow logging for logged in user (go to AR System User Preference form -> under    Logging tab)
    b. Check for active-link KM: KBI:SearchBtn900ReadyForRefresh in log, whether it has true qualification, and most important check for field 302300202.
    This qualification is built by RKM application over results returned by FTS and then filtered results are returned to user.
    (Note: As example qualification looks like following
    Set-fields 302300202 = 'Search Term: May Have' = %%  AND  'Search Term: Must Have' =   AND  'Search Term: Must Not Have' =   AND  'Search Result Option' = Words around hits AND  'Form List' = 1660;2466;2468;2257;2474;2479;2480;1396  AND  'Search Filter' = ('StatusForSearch' = "Published" OR 'StatusForSearch' = "Not Published" OR 'schemaId' = "1660" OR 'schemaId' = "2257" OR 'schemaId' = "1396"))

    C. If Server group Environment is present:
    1. Check Collection Directory:
    Ensure that for all servers in server group environment Collection directory should be one common location.
    (Note: You can verify this from form “AR System Administration: Server Information” under FTS tab, FTS Collection Directory: property)
    2. Except for primary Server, all other servers should have FTS indexer property disabled.
    (Note: If user wants to do manual re-indexing then it should be done on primary server)
    D. Overlays:
    In RKM versions 7.6.04, 7.6.04 SP1, 7.6.04 SP2 registration plug-in had issues with overlays i.e. it will not work as expected with Overlay or Custom forms. This also affects Search, as none of the FTS field properties are set properly for the overlay or custom forms for registered knowledge source.

    For version 7.6.04 SP2 only, there is a generic hotfix available for registration plug-in, that resolves this issue with overlays. If you are running an earlier version of application, either upgrade to 7.6.04 SP2 and apply this hotfix, or contact BMC customer representative.
    (BMC reference ID - SW00416485, Issue id is - ISS03873076)

    E. If the logged-in person has knowledge permissions then user will be able to view articles in published as well as non- published states. Other users can only see articles in published state.
    There is Field on Knowledge Article manager “Status String for Search” (302300579), it gets pulled into Joins in case of templates e.g. RKM:HowToTemplate_Manageable_Join. There is a possibility (especially during upgrade, or in case of use of conversion tool utility), this field may contain blank value instead of valid values “Published” or “Not Published”. So check the value of this field in the join forms for particular article entry. Value for this field should not be blank and should contain a valid value.