BMC Account: Single Sign-On (SSO) FAQ

Version 24
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    Since May 2016, authenticating on BMC Communities uses your "BMC Account", the unified way to interact on many sites.



    Below are the top FAQ:



    Q: What is BMC SSO?

    A: BMC single sign-on (SSO) is a feature that allows you (customers, partners, employees, prospects, etc.) to log in to various sites & applications. Examples of these applications can include BMC Academy, Electronic Product Distribution (EPD), Support Central, BMC Marketplace, and the BMC Online Technical Documentation Portal ( Application permissions vary based on user roles.


    Q: What are the benefits of SSO for your BMC Account?

    A: With SSO, you can enjoy the convenience of having only one account to access all SSO-supported applications. In addition, once logged in to an SSO-supported BMC website, you can access other SSO-supported BMC websites without logging in again (note: sometimes, depending on browser versions, you may have to click login again on the second site, and you will be logged in directly, without having to re-authenticate)



    Q: I have a BMC Communities account but not an SSO account. What do I need to do?

    A: Register for an SSO account on the registration page. Complete the registration process and contact the Customer Care team with your BMC communities username, email address, and your SSO email address. Once you provide them the details, they will link your BMC Communities account with your new SSO account.


    Q: I don't have a BMC Communities account or an SSO account. What do I need to do?

    A: Register for an SSO account on the registration page.


    Q: I am a BMC employee. Where can I get BMC Communities registration and login help?

    A: BMC Employee just need to login. For more, review the BMC employee FAQ. (Applies to BMC employees only)


    Q: Can I link my BMC Communities account to my Numara or Service Desk Express account?

    A: Your Numara and Service Desk Express accounts are currently not SSO-enabled. You can only link your BMC Communities account to a BMC SSO account.


    Q: Does SSO mean that we will be able to access EPD and the online documentation without having to agree to the Export Compliance and Access Terms each and every login?

    A: There is no impact on the export compliance and access terms in EPD from this project. However, it is something that we are still working on. Very soon the settings that you select on that page will be written to your profile in EPD as opposed to being stored in a browser cookie. That will be a welcome advancement for those that often clear their cookies or can't store them because of their security regulations.


    Login Issues

    Q: Will I still be able to use my social network account (such as Facebook or Google) to log in?

    A: Social authentication through Facebook and Google has been replaced with SSO. Users who formerly used Facebook or Google to log in must now use SSO. Log in with your SSO credentials if you have already matched your social network account to your SSO account, or contact the Customer Care team to help you match the accounts.


    Q. How do I sign into BMC Communities after I create an SSO account?

    A. After you create your BMC single sign-on account, you can log in to BMC Communities with the steps below:

    1. Navigate to
    2. Click the Login link at the top left of the BMC Communities window.
      A window opens prompting you to choose a username and confirm your email address.
    3. Choose a username that identifies you on BMC Communities.
      You cannot use your email address for your BMC Communities username. This username is a handle that identifies you on the BMC Communities website and is not used to log in. For example, other users can tag you with this username.
    4. Choose I agree to the Terms & Conditions, and click Accept.


    Q: What is the difference between my SSO username and my BMC Communities username?

    A: Use your SSO username, which is your company email address for customers and partners*, to log in to BMC SSO applications such as BMC Communities and Support Central. Your BMC Communities username is a handle that identifies you on the BMC Communities website. You do not use this handle to log in. This handle appears in your profile and on content that you post on the site.

    *BMC Employees log in to BMC Communities with as their SSO usernames.


    What to do when changing role, Company or Email address?

    Q: can I update these profile attributes?

    A: most fields on your Communities profile can be updated in self-service: Job Title, Company, Country, etc.

    A: to change your Email (used to authenticate), interact with Customer Care and we'll do it for you


    Q: Where can I get BMC SSO login support?

    A: If you are new to BMC SSO or forgot your SSO password, visit BMC’s Account Login Support for help.

    A: If you have additional questions, please contact the Customer Care team.