BMC Remedyforce Asset Management FAQ

Version 1

    BMC Remedyforce Summer 15 introduces a range of new and innovative Asset Management capabilities to dynamically identify and manage assets through the lifecycle.  In addition, a whole host of enhancements have been delivered to the CMDB to improve the experience for organizations in the areas of asset, incident, problem and change management.  These enhancements include improved searching, list view customization, more intuitive location assignment, models and normalization.

    These new capabilities may raise a range of questions particularly around the benefits of identifying/differentiating between CIs and Assets.  This FAQ provides a series of commonly asked questions and answers to help understand the value and alignment across these complementary disciplines. The FAQ includes definitions, comparisons and common scenarios to not only understand the value of these capabilities but also help assess the best approach to maximize value based upon an organization’s requirements and maturity.  This FAQ also lists the primary enhancements delivered in Summer 15 relative to Asset Management and the CMDB.