Hot Tip - How to set formulas in TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Version 2
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    Formulas have been introduced in TrueSight Capacity Optimization v10.3:

    • Formulas can be applied to available metrics without using external reporting tools to apply custom reasoning and have more elaborated capacity indicators fitting customer purposes
    • Formula can be used to change scale factor to available metrics or to compute ‘derived metrics’ by using different options like:
      • A count of events, absolute number
      • Difference between subsequent samples
      • Peak counter
    • For customers familiar with Visualizer, formulas provide the ability to easily aggregate or scale metrics and use them in a modern UI
    • To create a new formula navigate to Administration >DATA WAREHOUSE > Formulas
    • Click on ‘Add new formula’ and set the formula specifications in the form



    • For example you can set a formula to calculate the ratio of Powered On over Total Powered Off + Powered Off VMs for virtual clusters or hosts as reported in the example below. Use the settings shown in the picture below to create an example and click on ‘Save’.


    • Now navigate to Workspace to create an analysis with usage of formulas. Point a domain (in my example I have pointed a domain with some VMware clusters).
    • Select Add works>Add Analysis (Note: formulas can be used also in the quick analyses but just as an example here it is explained how to use them in analyses created via wizard).



    • Choose ‘System’ as Template group and ‘All collected metrics’ as Template. Select the resolution (for example Hour) and a Time Filter (for example 'Last 7 days') for your analysis. Follow the wizard and choose to edit the analysis. Make sure you apply the selections in the screenshots below.



    • Click on ‘Advanced’ and set the Chart Options and the Metric Style as per screenshot below and then ‘Save’.



    and you are done. You have just created your first analysis with formulas in it. Here below an example of the result.