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    Florida Control-M Users: Registration is now open for the Tampa Cetan Corp SureFlight BMC Control-M Upgrade Workshop on October 22, 2015!


    This complimentary full-day technical workshop is aimed at organizations not currently using the most recent versions of BMC Control-M as well as those who might be relying on other tools to support their batch workloads. Attendees will be led through a detailed agenda covering all aspects of the upgrade and migration process based on the Cetan Corp SureFlight Implementation Methodology.


    Topics covered begin with effectively planning and preparing for the upgrade, analyzing business and technical requirements and designing the new architecture before progressing on to a comprehensive technical discussion and demonstration of the installation, deployment and migration to a new release. By the end of the workshop attendees will gain insight on how to transition workloads in a manner that accelerates the value of the solution, so you can unleash the power of BMC Control-M!


    Visit Tampa SureFlight Control-M Upgrade Workshop for additional details.