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    BAO Zipkit - Network Tools - IP Math



    A set of workflow utilities to deal with IP address and subnet calculations.

    While Integrating ADDM and 3rd party asset information into CMDB, network IP and subnet values were required to map the CI's properly. BAO is used to enrich the 3rd party data for further consumption by CMDB.



    ConvertTo-BinaryIPIP mathsConverts a Decimal IP address into a binary format.
    ConvertTo-DecimalIPIP mathsConverts a Decimal IP address into a 32-bit unsigned integer.
    ConvertTo-DottedDecimalIPIP mathsConverts either an unsigned 32-bit integer or a dotted binary string to an IP Address.
    ConvertTo-HexIPIP mathsConvert a dotted decimal IP address into a hexadecimal string.
    ConvertFrom-HexIPIP mathsConverts a hexadecimal IP address into a dotted decimal string.
    ConvertTo-MaskLengthIP mathsConvert a dotted-decimal subnet mask to a mask length.
    ConvertTo-MaskIP mathsConvert a mask length to a dotted-decimal subnet mask.
    ConvertTo-SubnetIP mathsConvert a start and end IP address to the closest matching subnet.
    Get-BroadcastAddressIP mathsGet the broadcast address for a network range.
    Get-NetworkAddressIP mathsGet the network address for a network range.
    Get-NetworkRangeIP mathsGet a list of IP addresses within the specified network.
    Get-NetworkSummaryIP mathsGenerates a summary describing several properties of a network range
    Get-SubnetsIP mathsGet a list of subnets of a given size within a defined supernet.
    Test-SubnetMemberIP mathsTests an IP address to determine if it falls within IP address range.
    Get-ManufacturerMAC address toolsGet the manufacturer associated with a MAC address.
    Get-PublicIPGeneral testingGet information the current public IP address used by the client.


    Revision History


    [Version 1.0 - 07/14/2015]

    First released version


    ZipKit Dependencies

    Indented.Common is a library of common functions required by and shared across several of the PowerShell modules.

    Indented.NetworkTools is a collection of CmdLets dealing with IP maths.


    • Your execution policy must be set to a minimum of AllSigned, Indented.Common is signed.
    • A minimum of PowerShell 3.0; The module has also been tested under PowerShell 4.0.
    • Command Line Adapter - Configure adapter name in module config, default: Base Cmd Adapter

    Automatic & Manual installation

    • Open PowerShell then execute the following command to invoke the web-based installer:
    • Invoke-Expression (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("")
    • Install-IndentedModule Indented.NetworkTools
    • Execute 'Update-ManufacturerList' in PowerShell on BAO peer hosting command line adapter
    • Run peer with privilege service account


         Alternatively, you can follow the offline installation as documented here: Indented! and Indented.NetworkTools | Indented!

    License coverage under (ISC) licence statement

    Licence | Indented!



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