Live Browsing targets from BSA console shows errors related to Encryption or  while Security Setting(GPO) browsing.

Version 1

    This doc is for sharing few of checks incase  :-

    1. Users are not able to get correct data for any subsection like services, memory info, disks or network.
    2. While live browse getting encryption errors.
    3. not able to browse GPO related settings (Security Settings) for windows related targets.


    Pointers on workaround:-

    PS : This issue mostly occurs due to Target RSCD might have some environment related issue.

    Windows :-

    • Most of cases, it was issue with some OS related setting gone bad.
    • Check if ACL’s which are being used  are having proper access. i.e. Make sure, if you run those OS level functionality as those users its working.
    • If its security setting which gives errors then check if following commands are working fine :-
      • secedit /export /overwrite /quiet /cfg c :\temp\gpo_remote.txt
      • secedit /export /mergedpolicy /cfg  C:\temp\mergedpolicy_details.txt


    • if above secedit doesn’t work fine or gives error while executing, please check with sysadmin to resolve them.
    • Microsoft has one article for this issue as :
    • For win2k3 , there is one more article as :
    • Sometimes, due to install/patching activity on target, it might impact libraries
      used by live browse and such cases reboot might resolve this indeterminate state. 


    • After doing all above steps, Microsoft has  provided following tools to drill down as :-
      • start run as root  -> wbemtest ->  then provide  
        connect : Namespace : root/rsop/computer
        --> Click Connect.
      • Now, select query  and enter :    
        select * from RSOP_PolicySetting
        take screen shot and save that data as well.
      • Finally check using above secedit commands.
    • if all of above fails, then we need to regenerate/rebuild local security as well as effective security database on that host. using secedit /import command.


    Non-Windows OS checks :-

    • Similarly, we had issues with Live browse for NonWindows OS
      • In those cases, we resolved issues using :-
        • Try rebooting agent machine.
        • Try reinstalling little higher version GA agent and check if issue gets reproduced.
        • Install recommended agent version and then deregister CO on that.
        • Now, again reregister CO  which exactly matches Target RSCD version and NOT AppServer version and restart agent.
        • Also, there might be issues with older agents using magnicomp version of non supported for few operations . like AIX disk partitions might not be supported in older magnicomp version etc.


    in case these steps/checks  doesn't resolve issue, Please feel free to connect with BMC Support team for next course of action.