Remedyforce Upgrade Best Practices & Test Plan

Version 1

    A frequently asked question to our Customer Success team is around best practices for Remedyforce upgrades and test plans. Customers understand the three releases a year cycle for Remedyforce and they love the Remedyforce Community Maintenance Dashboard which contains the calendar of upcoming self-upgrade windows and the schedule for automatic upgrades.


    When discussing maintenance windows, they understand that there are weeks between sandbox upgrades and production upgrades; this is for testing! But that’s where the FAQ comes in – do you have sample test plans? What should we test? Do you have recommendations? Are there best practices?


    The Customer Success team has heard you – and produced! Attached here is a workbook you can leverage and modify as you see fit.


    Tab 1 – Summary

    This tab summarizes for you the high level sequence of the upgrade process first for sandboxes and then production environments. Helpful reference links are provided as well within the workbook for additional information where required.


    Tab 2 – Sample Detailed Test Tasks

    This tab can be leveraged to capture your testing tasks and results. It’s a very good practice to follow a complete lifecycle of an issue as opposed to random test cases. This ensures the proper linking of all objects and all custom cross-object triggers/validations/flows to kick in. So leverage this tab and update with your organization specific testing requirements.


    Tab 3 – Org Specific Information

    This tab is simply a placeholder for you to leverage for screenshots or to include other test plan information you had in other places; basically ability to keep all your information in a single place.


    Tab 4 – Use Case #1

    This tab details a process for a common scenario where a customer procures a full copy sandbox for a full copy of production prior to the upgrade process *AND* they are on a release prior to Remedyforce Summer13.


    As always, the Customer Success Team is here to help so please don’t hesitate to provide feedback to us or ask a question to