BMC Remedy Release Version Strings

Version 74



    It's not always straightforward to work out exactly which release of a Remedy product you have in front of you.  Although the version strings usually contain all the information you need, the format has varied over time and can be a little cryptic.


    You can find the version string of the server in the arerror.log and on the Platform tab of the AR System Administration Console - Server Information form.  The mid-tier lists this on the configuration tool login page.



    If your version is not listed in the tables below it means that a hotfix or engineering build for that component is being used.  The version string formats for these vary but are generally similar to the main release, often just the time stamp is different.  Hotfixes are released outside of the main product cycle to address high priority issues.


    A description of the service pack, patch and hotfix process is available in a KA on the Communities.



    The tables below list the versions that were released on the EPD website. Hotfixes are not included even though some of the patches include the word in their version strings!


    Version 9.1

    The product name format changed with the release of 18.05 although you will still see the version strings within the applications using the 9.1.x style.


    ReleaseTypeComponentsRelease DatePlatform StringMidtier String
    18.08.01PatchPlatform/CMDB/Apps2018-11-309.1.06.001 2018111802289.1.06.001 201811180228
    18.08.00 (Ideas)ReleasePlatform/CMDB/Apps2018-08-319.1.06 2018082803049.1.06 201808280304
    18.05 Patch 5$PatchApps2018-09-199.1.05 201808071530n/a
    18.05 Patch 3$PatchPlatform/Apps2018-08-289.1.05 201808071530n/a
    18.05 Patch 2$PatchPlatform/Apps9.1.05.201806291021n/a
    18.05 Patch 1$PatchPlatform/AppsWorkflow only changes.n/a
    18.05.00 (Ideas)ReleasePlatform/Atrium/Apps2018-05-319.1.05 2018052423569.1.05 201805242356
    9.1.04 Patch 2PatchPlatform/Atrium/Apps2018-03- 2018021722359.1.04.002 201802172235
    9.1.04 Patch 1+PatchPlatform2017-12-
    9.1.04 (SP4)Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2017-12-049.1.04 2017112722569.1.04 201711272256
    9.1.03 Patch 1PatchPlatform/Atrium/Apps2017-08-319.1.03.001 2017081717149.1.03.001 201708171714
    9.1.03 (SP3)Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2017-06-089.1.03 2017053119589.1.03 201705311958
    9.1.02 Patch 4*PatchPlatform2017-07- 2017061509029.1.02.004 201706150902
    9.1.02 Patch 3PatchPlatform/Atrium2017-04- 2017041917479.1.02.003 201704191747
    9.1.02 Patch 2PatchPlatform/Atrium2017-03- 2017030922049.1.02.002 201703092204
    9.1.02 Patch 1PatchPlatform/Atrium2017-02- 2017021311339.1.02.001 201702131133
    9.1.02 (SP2)Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2016-12-059.1.02 2016112523209.1.02 201611252320
    9.1.01 (SP1)Service PackApps2016-05-19n/an/a
    9.1 Patch 1PatchPlatform2016-06- 2016061411049.1.00.001 201606141104
    9.1.00Initial ReleasePlatform/Atrium/Apps2015-12- 201512160229

    $ 18.05 Patches (to date) are only relevant for customers using Smart IT 18.05 and do not impact the BMC Remedy Action Request System behaviour. You can ignore these if you are not using Smart IT.

    + 9.1.04 Patch 1 is only for Remedy with Smart IT 2.0 and enables cognitive service management and offers the capabilities to migrate Remedy with Smart IT 2.0 definitions from the development environment to production environment.

    * 9.1.02 Patch 4 is an installer update to address a problem with patch 3 which resulted in the deletion of some non-English form views.  There are no additional fixes in patch 4 over patch 3.


    Version 9.0


    ReleaseTypeComponentsRelease DatePlatform StringMidtier String
    9.0.01 Patch 1PatchPlatform2015-12- 2016112601069.0 SP 01 Patch 001 201611260106
    9.0.01 (SP1)Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2015-08-279.0.01 2015081915309.0.01 201508191530
    9.0 Patch 2PatchPlatform2015-09-189.00.002 2015091009019.00.002 201509100901
    9.0 Patch 1PatchPlatform/Atrium/Apps2015-06-209.0.00 2015061719289.0.00 201506171928
    9.0Initial ReleasePlatform/Atrium/Apps2015-04-309.0.00 2015041807189.0.00 201504180718


    Version 8.1


    ReleaseTypeComponentsRelease DatePlatform StringMidtier String
    8.1.02 Patch 2


    Platform2016-04- 201603191600Hotfix8.1.SP02 Patch 002 201603191600 Hotfix
    8.1.02 Patch 1PatchPlatform/Atrium/Apps2014-09-308.1.02.001 201409121357Hotfix8.1.SP02 Patch 001 201409121357 Hotfix
    8.1.02 (SP2)Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2014-08-298.1.02 2014082602358.1.02 201408260235
    8.1.01 Patch 1PatchMidtier/Atrium/Apps2014-04-04n/a8.1.01 (SP1) 201404010757 Hotfix
    8.1.01 (SP1)Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2014-02-058.1.01 2014012819108.1.01 201401281910
    8.1.00 Patch 3PatchPlatform/Atrium2014-06-118.1.00 201406060250Hotfix8.1.00 201406060250 Hotfix
    8.1.00 Patch 2PatchPlatform/Apps2013-09- 201308272305Hotfix8.1.00.002 201308272305 Hotfix
    8.1.00 Patch 1PatchPlatform/Apps2013-08-068.1.00 201308030135Hotfix8.1.00 201308030135 Hotfix
    8.1.00Initial ReleasePlatform/Atrium/Apps2013-02-208.1.00 2013012511578.1.00 201301251157


    Version 8.0


    ReleaseTypeComponentsRelease DatePlatform StringMidtier String
    8.0.00 Patch 3PatchPlatform2013-02-288.0.00 Build 001 2013021810428.0.00 Build 001 201302181042
    8.0.00 Patch 2PatchPlatform2012-11-168.0.00 Build 001 2012110308458.0.00 Build 001 201211030845
    8.0.00 Patch 1PatchPlatform/Atrium/Apps2012-09-218.0.00 Build 001 2012091804038.0.00 Build 001 201209180403
    8.0.00Initial ReleasePlatform/Atrium/Apps2012-06-228.0.00 Build 001 2012053000008.0.00 Build 001 201205300000


    Version 7.6.04


    ReleaseTypeComponentsRelease DatePlatform StringMidtier String
    7.6.04 SP5Service PackPlatform/Atrium2013-08-087.6.04 SP5 2013080120257.6.04 SP5 201308012025
    7.6.04 SP4Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2012-09-117.6.04 SP4 2012090519227.6.04 SP4 201209051922
    7.6.04 SP3Service PackPlatform/Atrium2012-02-067.6.04 SP3 2012013023577.6.04 SP3 201201302357
    7.6.04 SP2Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2011-10-137.6.04 SP2 2011100806147.6.04 SP2 201110080614
    7.6.04 SP1Service PackPlatform/Atrium/Apps2011-05-067.6.04 SP1 2011041910587.6.04 SP1 201104191058
    7.6.04Initial ReleasePlatform/Atrium/Apps2011-01-287.6.04 Build 002 2011101410597.6.04 Build 002 201110141059


    DBVERSION and API Protocol Numbers


    The Remedy database has a CONTROL table which contains a number that indicates the version of the database structure.  This is changed whenever the metadata tables are modified and it must match the version of the server binary being used to connect to the database.  On startup the server will read this value and stop with the following error if it is not the expected one:


    The database is not the expected version (may need to run upgrade program) (ARERR 36)


    In versions 9.1.03 and earlier the database version is stored in the DBVERSION column.  Starting with 9.1.04, to support the zero downtime upgrade feature, the CURRDBVERSION column is used.  The CONTROL table should only have one row of data so you can use SQL to query this;


    9.1.03 and earlier   -> select dbversion from control;

    9.1.04 and later      -> select currdbversion from control;


    The protocol number indicates the version of the API libraries that were used to create a client and is the value reported in the server's API log entries for each client call.  For example:


    */+GOEWF  ARGetOneEntryWithFields -- schema CTM:People from Mid-tier (protocol 20) at IP address  // :q:0.0s


    This can be used with the Minimum-API-Version configuration parameter to prevent clients using older API versions from connecting to a server.


    Note that the C and Java API libraries that ship with the server may have different protocol values where they implement different API levels.





    Remedy ITSM