Blade ZipKit - AutoLocate

Version 3

    Blade ZipKit – AutoLocate



    Blade ZipKit Package Info

    Name: AutoLocate

    Type: NSH Script

    BSA Compatible Version: 8.x.x

    Version: 1.0

    More Info:

    Created by: Daniel Goetzman

    Tested version on: AppServer version

    Tested against host running: RHEL 5.x x86_64

    Brief Description

    Automatically set server property LOCATION based on NETWORK_ADDRESS (intrinsic value).


    Instructions for importing the package

    1. Download the attached zip file to your BladeLogic server.
    2. Extract the zip file
    3. Import AutoLocate into your BladeLogic Server Automation environment.
    4. Add Server property LOCATION as type "string" or "string enumeration" as preferred
    5. Copy the AutoLocate.csv file to a common directory on your BladeLogic Server
    6. Edit AutoLocate.csv and enter all your site specific network addresses and locations
    7. Edit the AutoLocate NSH script to update the parameter NETWORK_LOOKUP_TABLE path to where you stored AutoLocate.csv.

    AutoLocate.csv - File format;

    • column 1 = Network address of each network, IE the values found in server property NETWOK_ADDRESS
    • column 2 = Location values set based on your site location names


    If you define server property using type "string enumeration", take care to only specify location values (column 2) in AutoLocate.csv to match the exact string values defined in your "string enumeration" list!


    *Note: This is a community-supported package.