BMC License Usage Collection Utility Version 4.0.00

Version 60

    New release

    BMC License Usage Collection Utility Version 4.0.00 is available from July 31, 2017.

    What's new

    New support for BMC products

    • TrueSight Operations Management (TSOM) 10.7

    Existing Product Upgrade

    • BMC Client Management (BCM) 12.5 and 12.6
    • BMC Database Automation (BDA) 8.8, 8.9 and 8.9.01
    • BMC Network Automation (BNA) 8.8 and 8.9
    • BMC Release Package and Deployment (RPD) 5.0.01 and 5.0.02
    • BMC Release Process Management (RPM) 5.0.01 and 5.0.02
    • BMC Server Automation (BSA) 8.2 to 8.6 redeveloped using JDBC approach for improved customer experience
    • BMC Network Automation (BNA) 8.9.01 changed with Rest API mechanism for efficient and faster execution
    • BMC Discovery (Discovery) 11.0 and 11.1 licensing count calculation to exclude client and desktop devices

    Release Enhancement

    • Help tab provides:
      • Links to documentation (online and PDF)
      • Email addresses to contact License Utility Support team and License Compliance team
    • Reports folder name changed to remove weekday
    • Support for a non-default port for Unix based product configuration has been added
    • “Select Product” list on Manage Deployment tab provides:
      • Supported version numbers for each product
      • Changed product names per legal direction

    Former product name

    Current product name

    BMC BladeLogic Database Automation

    BMC Database Automation

    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation

    BMC Server Automation

    BMC Network Automation

    BMC Network Automation


    Free download

    This utility is free to download and provides a centralized tool to gather license data across your BMC products.Click here to download.

    Please find below SHA1 hash checksum keys here:

    MD5 : 54b3496b1acb73131270ec92d81042f0

    SHA1 : 516a3b3490df12bf58723fbd86e4992fc0c2cb5a



    About the BMC License Usage Collection Utility

    The BMC License Usage Collection Utility enables you to view license compliance usage reports for your BMC product deployments. Each license report is specific to each BMC product; therefore, the file format and contents vary depending on the product. You can also view log reports that can be used to troubleshoot problems with failed deployments and with running reports. It comes with rich feature of automation where user can set periodical report run and receive generated reported on their configured email ID.


    Supported products

    Current products support by the utility include:

    Discovery / ADDM 8.3.2 to 11.1

    Database Automation 8.3 to 8.9.01

    Network Automation 8.3 to 8.9.01

    Server Automation 8.2 to 8.9

    Client Management 11.6 to 12.6

    Remedy AR System (including Remedy ITSM) 7.6.04 to 9.1.02

    TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.5 to 10.7

    BMC Performance Manager Portal 2.11

    Release Package and Deployment 4.8 to 5.0.02

    Release Process Management 4.6 to 5.0.02

    Digital Workplace / MyIT 3.1. to 3.3

    TrueSight Operations Mgmt 10.7


    Additional products will be added in future releases.



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