BDA ZipKit – BDA Agent Bulk Update

Version 1
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    BDA ZipKit Package Info

    Name: BDA Agent Bulk Update

    Type: Bash Script

    BDA Compatible Versions: Any AIX, Linux, Sparc and Windows BDA agents

    Version: 1.0

    More Info:

    Created by: Tony Peveler

    Tested version on: BDA 8.6.00 Patch 1 Manager and Satellite, BDA 8.5.01 Patch 3 Agents, BDA  8.600 Patch 1 Agents

    Tested against agent running: Linux (Red Hat) and Microsoft Windows

    Brief Description





    Bash script that can be used to update target BDA agents to a higher version in bulk fashion.




    BDA agent update media packages desired must be downloaded from BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) and copied to the /app/clarity/var/agentupdates/ directory on the BDA Manager and/or BDA Satellite(s) in the case of Multi-Manager environments.

    Required Inputs

    OS - linux|windows|aix|sparc

    Agent Package Name - The agent media to be used for the update. The agent media packages are located in /app/clarity/var/agentupdates

    Affected Domain – The BDA subdomain where the target agents to be updated reside or ‘ALL’ for all domains


    As the user root, execute bda_agent_bulk_update with required inputs.

    Example 1 - Update ‘ALL’ BDA Windows agents to version 8.6.5

    # ./bda_agent_bulk_update windows clarity-dagent-8.6.5-x86.exe ALL

    Example 2 - Update Linux agents in the /SESD subdomain to version 8.6.5

    # ./bda_agent_bulk_update linux clarity-dagent-8.6.5-1.i386.rpm /SESD


    Validates correct # of input arguments, Validates OS input, Validates package name input, Validates OS and package name are of the same type/compatibility, Validates domain input, Validates whether agent(s) are already at the desired version

    Expected Results

    The target BDA agent(s) will be updated to the higher version and the BDA agent will be restarted.

    Instructions for installing the bda_agent_bulk_update script

    1. Download the attached gzip file to a BDA manager or satellite(s) in the case of a Multi-Manager environment. 


    2. Unzip the file and move the bda_agent_bulk_update script to a location other than the /app/clarity directory to prevent accidental overwrites during a manager upgrade or patching event. 



    # gunzip /tmp/bda_agent_bulk_update.gz

    # mv bda_agent_bulk_update /usr/local/bin


    3. Change ownership to root and execute permissions for root only



    # chown root:root bda_agent_bulk_update

    # chmod 700 bda_agent_bulk_update



      *Note: This is a community-supported package.