% Compliance for each Server's(Latest Compliance Run)

Version 3
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    What these reports are about?


    These reports display ALL servers and the compliance percentage for EACH SERVER's latest compliance run.


    Sample Output



    How to run these reports

    • You must first import these reports in your BDSSA environment before you can use it. Import is only one time task.
    • Import the “Compliance Report.zip” file (attached). (See below “How to Import this Report”).
    • Login and traverse to folder “Compliance Report”, you would see report inside the folder.
    • Run Report by clicking on report name.

    Applicable versions of BDSSA

    • BDSSA 8.2
    • BDSSA 8.3
    • BDSSA 8.5
    • BDSSA 8.6


    How to import this report?

    1. Copy “Compliance Reports.zip” file to <BDSSA Installation Directory>/portal/deployment location
    2. Login with user who has access of Cognos Administration
    3. Go to Cognos Administration
    4. Go to Configuration -> Content Administration –> New Import
    5. From "Select Deployment archive", select Patch Reports radio button and then do NEXT. After that second page will appear and do NEXT again.
    6. Select Check box  - > NEXT
    7. Click NEXT.. NEXT.. -> FINISH -> RUN.
    8. Select Check Box - View details of this import after closing this dialog
    9. After import is finished you should see a message stating - successfully imported 2 Objects (Don't required to get logged out)
    10. Then go to public folders and you would see a folder named "Compliance Reports" and it would have report with the same name.
    11. You are all set to use this report.