FootPrints 2-way integration with externally hosted surveys

Version 3
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    If you are a FootPrints user, you will know that it comes with a pretty good survey feature. However if you are surveying external customers (i.e customers who do not have access to your network) then you have to decide between exposing FootPrints to your external customers or not use the FootPrints survey feature.


    Of course you could also simply hand off the customer to an externally hosted survey. In which case you will not be able to link the survey results with the FootPrints tickets nor do the survey results reporting within FootPrints.


    We have a customer with a similar problem some time ago. They operate a support desk using FootPrints to manage calls and emails. Post issue resolution, they invite those external customers to fill out online satisfaction surveys and they also needed to report those survey results within FootPrints. But due to IT Security restrictions ,they were not able to expose FootPrints to the outside world.


    We deployed a solution that was able to satisfy their requirements. Please refer to the attached PDF for the solution.


    If you have questions or would like our help in deploying the same we'll be happy to hear from you !