SMEs posting Great Content all year long

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    While preparing Engage 15, many of you have been sharing interest in even more content posted on BMC Communities, all year long.

    Ohhh, even more content happens to be a key take-away of the recent survey. Experts in the Community are definitely best to post such knowledge.


    So a couple of users around the world met, virtually.

    They came from everywhere:

    • USA
    • Europe
    • Africa
    • A closet (no kidding) ... great to see what friends would do to have quality time for a meeting with other community members



    Jason won the best smile contest


    You'll recognize:


    Friends who could not join (for various last minute business or technical reasons) include Robert Stinnett, richard mcleod Rick Westbrock and Misi Mladoniczky


    The most important takeaway are that:

    1. It's easy to post content (even step by step, improving based on feedback from other community members: abstract, then later on more details, then PPT draft, then PPR release candidate)
    2. Once the PPT is shared a meeting can be done with key people who interacted on content (or other SMEs that make sense)
    3. Such meeting could be done with a hangout on Air, so that it's streamed live on YouTube (for many to view live, and ask questions), and then posted on the YouTube channel for everybody to enjoy (and the vid to be embedded in the document created on step 1 )


    Laurent Matheo was crazy enough to volunteer to be the first one to test things out, on an exciting reporting trick.

    We'll design an improve this initiative, so that it can be leveraged for Subject Matter Experts in all the products.


    Ohhh, how to call this initiative? (please add comments on this document)

    • Community Knowledge
    • Birds of a Feather
    • Walks Away Mumbling
    • Other?


    Special thanks to Richard and LJ, who helped such ideas to come to life



    To see the full video, where we talk about timing, format, topics and more, see the Hangout below: