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Version 20
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    Enabling the SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature during BDA Create SQL Server Instance jobs

    BDA ZipKit – Enable AlwaysOn
    Run Oracle SQL QueryBDA ZipKit – Run Oracle SQL Query
    BDA Agent bulk update (aka upgrade) for AIX, Linux, Sparc and WindowsBDA ZipKit – BDA Agent Bulk Update

    MSSQL Configure Instance Params 1

    BDA ZipKit – MSSQL Configure Inst Params 1

    MSSQL StopStart Instance

    BDA ZipKit – MSSQL StopStart Instance

    MSSQL StopStart Agent

    BDA ZipKit – MSSQL StopStart Agent

    MSSQL Move Cluster Group

    BDA ZipKit – MSSQL-Move-ClusterGroup 
    Oracle Relocate RAC One Node DatabaseBDA ZipKit - ORA-Relocate-RON-DB


    BDA ZipKit - BDA-Agent-Configure-Collectors
    Check Agent Service Account PrivilegesBDA ZipKit - Check Agent Service Account Privileges
    Oracle OEM Agent InstallationBDA ZipKit - ORA-OEM-Agent-Install
    Oracle OEM Agent Management - Stop, Start, Status, Upload, ReloadBDA ZipKit - ORA-OEM-Agent-StopStart
    Oracle OEM Agent Blackout - Start, Stop, StatusBDA ZipKit - ORA-OEM-Agent-Blackout
    Oracle OEM Agent DeinstallBDA ZipKit - ORA-OEM-Agent-Deinstall
    BDA Patch Package - OEM Blackout ManagementBDA ZipKit - BDA Oracle Patch Package - OEM Blackout Management
    Oracle Open Wallet
    BDA ZipKit - ORA-Open-Wallet

    DB2 Check DB Backups

    BDA ZipKit – DB2-Check-DB-Backups
    DB2 Database DiscoveryBDA ZipKit - DB2 Database Discovery
    DB2 Database CreationBDA ZipKit - Create DB2 Database
    DB2 Database RemovalBDA ZipKit - Remove DB2 Database


    In the future, BMC will package and publish a tarball archive of all published ZipKits as an attachment to this document so that whole library can be downloaded as a single file.


    If you wish to share your content as ZipKit, please read following instructions:

    How to submit community created BDA ZipKits