Login ID conversion in Remedy 8.1 or above using Data Management Tool

Version 1
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    Following instructions are meant for changing Remedy ogin ID case for example from mixed case to all lowercase

    Steps to change people login ID with DMT


    Pre- requirements for changing people Login ID with DMT

    1. Obtain and fill up people spreadsheet
    2. Create Data Management Tool job
    3. Monitor job and manually trigger LoginID change from Data Wizard que


    Pre-requirements for changing people ID with DMT


    • Data Management Tool 8.1 and Atrium Integrator
    • Escalations activated in AR system
    • AD – Integration change which converts loginID’s to lowercase
    • Data Management Tool Load file path setting

         Administrator Console > Application Administration Console > Custom Configuration > Foundation >      Advanced Options > System Configuration Settings - System Settings


    More information: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/itsm81/Configuring+the+BMC+Remedy+AR+System+repository+for+attachments+and+spreadsheets


    Pre-requisite for changing people ID with DMT

    • Identify mixed case login IDs for example running AR Report to export CTM:People –data and use Excel to identify mixed case login IDs
    • Information needed from persons needing login ID change when issuing AR Report Export
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Site
      • Current Login ID (in exact case format i.e. mixed case)
      • New Login ID (in all lowercase format)
      • Status


    Obtain and fill people spreadsheet

    • Download people spreadsheet from DTM spreadsheet management
      • From Home Page go to Data Management à
      • Spreadsheet type: select BMC Template, Select People template from the table, click download on table toolbar

    • On people excel fill up columns on CTM_PeopleLoad tab
      • Last name
      • First name
      • Site
      • New Login ID
      • Current Login ID
      • Status


    Create Data Management Tool job

    Create Data Management job

    • From home page go to Data Management
      • Under job functions select Create Job
        • Job Name: <Input Job Name>
        • Company: <Choose Correct Remedy Company>
        • Save job
      • Add steps to the job
        • From steps Create menu Select Using BMC Templates
        • Select People
        • From Validate remove All but Validate People- step



    Create Data Management Tool job

    Add excel spreadsheet to Data Management Job

    • Open Load People step
    • Under Load parameters click Add on File table
    • Upload People.xlsx
    • Save


    Create Data Management Tool job


    Run Data Management job

    • On Data Management Job Console
    • Open job you defined
    • Change status to Built
    • Save
    • Run


    Monitor Job and Manually Trigger LoginID Change from Data Wizard Queue


    • After Data Management Job Load step is completed
      • On CTM:LoadPeople from you can see list of imported users with status unvalidated.
    • After Data Management Job Validate Step is completeD
      • On CTM:LoadPeople from you can see list of imported users with status Validated.
    • After Data Management Job Promote Step is completed
      • You can see list of user’s loginID’s to be renamed trough DataWizard on DMT:SYS:DataWizardQueue- form on new status
      • The is an escalation that process one record on 1 minute interval by changing status to Propagate
      • You can speed up process by changing record status to propagate, only one record can be process on one action
      • After Data wizard completes a Login ID Update run, next record can be set to Propagate
    • When record is set propagate a process row is created DLD:SYS:DataWizAction


    Verify Successful Modification


    • After Job has been completed go to User -form and search for recently modified user entries
    • Export entries into Excel and verify that all the entries are modified
      • If not modify user record either manually or produce a new people spreadsheet and data run job per Remedy Company to re-issue renaming of failed entries.
      • Re-check after completion