New Job Type Template

Version 4

    This document describes the details which should be included with job types shared on this group:

    • Short description: short explanation / summary about the job type, what problem does it solve
    • Detailed description: use cases automated in the job type, details about job type design
    • Compatibility:
      • Application version: version of the application for which the job type was created and tested
      • Platforms: the operating systems on which the job type was tested, i.e. Control-M Agent platform where the job type was deployed


    Additional optional information

    • Control-M version: versions of the Control-M components used with this job type
    • Application Integrator version: version of Control-M Application Integrator the job type was created with
    • Application logo: image of the application logo
    • Job type author details: job role and responsibilities, additional personal information, etc.


    Recommended tags/keywords:

    • ETL - data manipulation and integration
    • BI - business intelligence
    • FTP - file transfer job types
    • ERP - Enterprise resource planning