Remedyforce Enablement Kits

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    The BMC Remedyforce team is actively working on a series of kits and documentation to assist customers with taking advantage of new capabilities and features within the solution.  The following kits provide artifacts to assist you with enabling or transitioning to Remedyforce capabilities.

    Migration and Transition Kits:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Transition to the RF Console - Administrator OverviewThis PowerPoint walks through the process of enabling the Remedyforce Console and assists the Administrator with the steps to configure.
    Transition to the RF Console - Staff EnablementThis PowerPoint assists with training of staff members as they transition to the Remedyforce Console.
    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Remedyforce Self Service Migration from 1.0 to 2.0This blog includes an overview video (walk through) as well as detailed PowerPoint to assist organizations with migrating from Remedyforce Self Service 1.0 to 2.0.
    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Remedyforce CMDB Migration from 1.0 to 2.0This blog walks through the process of migrating the Remedyforce CMDB from 1.0 to 2.0.  A PowerPoint is attached for reference.


    Getting Started with Change Management:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Change Management OverviewThis PowerPoint walks through standard terminology, processes and screenshots of Change Management within Remedyforce.  Additionally, links to other resources are included.
    The ABC’s of Change Management This FAQ document covers many of the common questions about Change Management.
    Change and Release Management Web Based Training

    This online course explains the features, concepts, and use of Remedyforce Change and Release Management. Note: you must register for any of the web based training courses on BMC Academy.


    Getting Started with Self Service:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Getting Started with Self ServiceThis PowerPoint is aimed to assist you with getting starting with Remedyforce self-service. The tutorial is separated into two main focus areas – the first being defining your Self Service strategy and the second part is focused on guiding you through configuring Remedyforce self-service.
    Getting Started with Self Service Video 1 of 5Video #1 in a series of 5 - Introduction video on the Getting Started with Remedyforce Self Service
    Getting Started with Self Service Video 2 of 5Video #2 in a series of 5 - Self Service Strategy and Best Practices
    Getting Started with Self Service Video 3 of 5Video #3 in a series of 5 - Starting to Configure Self Service (Sites, Branding, Translation)
    Getting Started with Self Service Video 4 of 5Video #4 in a series of 5 - Configuring Tiles in Self Service
    Getting Started with Self Service Video 5 of 5Video #5 in a series of 5 - Configuring Content and Settings in Self Service
    Self Service Overview Video
    This short video provides an overview of Remedyforce Self Service.
    First Friday Webinar - Technical Overview on Self Service and ChatterThis session is a recorded webinar overview of Remedyforce Self Service and Salesforce Chatter.
    End User Web Based Training - Using Self ServiceThis online 2 hour course explains the features, concepts, and procedures of the Self Service portal. These concepts and procedures will help client users to use the Self Service portal to manage tickets, create service requests, and work with approvals, quick links, and Broadcasts, in BMC Remedyforce.  Note: you must register for any of the web based training courses on BMC Academy.
    Leveraging Self Service White PaperBMC Remedyforce Self-Service enables your end user/clients to create and resolve their own incidents and requests using the Self-Service portal from their computers or via mobile devices. The purpose of this white paper is to describe the use cases and benefits of Remedyforce Self-Service and to provide you with some hints to help you get the most value out of Self-Service adoption.
    Self Service 3.0: FAQThe following frequently asked questions should help Remedyforce administrators answer most common questions on Self Service 3.0. This document will also help them decide when to upgrade to Remedyforce Self Service 3.0.
    Self Service 3.0 - Winter 17 InsightsThis Remedyforce Self Service 3.0 Winter 17 Insights video aims to introduce you to the newly modernized user interface and features within Self Service 3.0.
    Upgrading to Remedyforce Self Service 3.0This video reviews the benefits of upgrading to Remedyforce Self Service 3.0 and the steps to perform the upgrade.


    Getting Started with Remedyforce Chat:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Overview of ChatThis video is an overview of Remedyforce Chat and the steps that an administrator will need to consider to enable.
    Enabling Remedyforce ChatA detailed walk through of the steps to enable Remedyforce Chat, the Pre Chat form and Staff User chat assignment.
    Editing the Initial Message in ChatThis short PowerPoint walks through the process of using Salesforce Translation Workbench to edit the initial message displayed to end users in Remedyforce Chat.


    Getting Started with Remedyforce QuickViews and My Dashboard:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    QuickViews Tutorial VideoThis video walks through how to leverage the out of the box QuickViews, editing and creating QuickViews and the My Dashboard capabilities in the Remedyforce Console.


    Getting Started with Remedyforce Service Level Management:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Getting Started with Service Level Management Video 1 of 3This video is the first in a series of video's on Service Level Management in Remedyforce.  It is an introduction to Service Level Management to help you start the planning and preparation for implementing Service Level Agreements.
    Getting Started with Service Level Management Video 2 of 3In this video session, Jon Leighton takes you through a deeper dive into viewing/using and setting up a Service Level Agreement.
    SLM Web Based TrainingThis online course explains the concepts and procedures of Service Level Management for staff users and Change Managers. Additionally, this course explains the concepts and procedures of agreements and service targets. These concepts and procedures will help Change Managers to create agreements and configure service targets.


    Getting Started with Remedyforce Configuration and Asset Management


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    How to build an Asset Management Program - 7 Keys to SuccessIn this BMC Blog, John Fulton from our Remedyforce Product Management team describes the 7 common practices he has observed in organizations who have built and maintained successful ITAM programs.
    Remedyforce Asset Management FAQ
    In this Communities post John Fulton answers a number of key questions related to Asset Management and describes the CMDB / Asset Management capabilities introduced in our Remedyforce Summer '15 Release
    IT Asset Management in the Age of Digital TransformationJohn Fulton begins to explore some of the new challenges being faced by IT Asset Managers in Part 1 of this BMC Blog
    IT Asset Management in the Age of Digital Transformation (Part 2)In Part 2, John Fulton continues his exploration of the evolution Asset Management has taken, comparing areas of relevance in the last 5 or 6 years to those of previous decades

    Remedyforce Summer '15

    Asset Management Overview

    In this short video, learn how to manage the coexistence of assets and CI's, better understand the enhanced CMDB Common Data Model and review the new Asset Management Dashboard
    Remedyforce Summer '15: Models OverviewIn this video, learn how the use of Models can help you create 'templates' for CI's and Assets, helping reduce the time to add and improving data consistency.
    Remedyforce Summer '15: Normalization OverviewWatch as the Remedyforce team describe how Normalization can help administrators standardize data from multiple sources and improve overall data quality
    Remedyforce Summer '15: Normalization RulesWatched the overview? Now learn how to create Normalization Rules in Remedyforce Summer '15
    Remedyforce Summer '15: Normalization ExceptionsNow you've mastered Normalization Rules, learn how to define Normalization Exceptions with this short video
    Remedyforce Asset Management Webinar: Today and Beyond - Part 1Watch the replay as John Fulton and Jon Leighton host a webinar on April 12th 2016 exploring Summer '15 CMDB & Asset Management capabilites
    Remedyforce Asset Management Webinar - Today and Beyond - SlidesView the accompanying slides to the Remedyforce Asset Management - Today and Beyond Webinar
    Remedyforce Asset Management Webinar - How to Build an ITAM Program - Part 2Watch a replay of John Fulton and Jon Leighton hosting a 2nd webinar on April 26th 2016, discussing the 7 Keys to Success when building an Asset Management Program


    Remedyforce Advanced Reporting

    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Trending Report and Dashboard
    Mike Leveiller hosts this video demonstrating how to create a report using a dashboard to show Incident volume month on month with a trend line showing Average Incident Age
    How & When to create Custom Report Types
    Mike describes a reporting use case where we create a Custom Report to display data that describes the type and volume of Incidents being reported by each location
    Creating Joined Reports
    Watch Mike demonstrate Join Reports and how you can report on data from multiple standard or custom report types.




    Leveraging Salesforce Process Builder for Remedyforce:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    BLOG - How to Auto-Submit Change RequestsThis blog walks you through how to set-up a process in Process Builder to auto-submit a change request into an approval process.
    BLOG - Routing Incidents from Emails to Different QueuesThis blog takes you through the set-up of a process via Process Builder to allow you to route incoming email based incidents to different queues.


    Using Remedyforce - Customer Training Guide Framework:


    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Agent Facing Training Guide FrameworkThis blog and attached PowerPoint provides a framework for training staff users on using Remedyforce. This guide covers the basics of process change, and ITIL.  It covers the features and functionalities of Remedyforce relevant to staff users (Service Desk staff, as well as additional materials for a Tiered staff model). 


    Remedyforce and Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

    Kit ArtifactDescription
    Power your IT Project ManagementIn this BMC Blog, Brandi Johnson from CloudCoach highlights key challenges faced by business process and project prioritization changes and how an integrated PPM solution can help provide the data to improve Resource Management
    IT Project Management EbookInterested in knowing more? Register for this free Project Management Ebook.
    Remedyforce & CloudCoach Video PlaylistThis series of 12 YouTube videos demonstrate the close integration between Remedyforce and the CloudCoach PPM solution for those interested in expanding their Service Management capabilities to include full PPM, Resource Management and Time / Effort Tracking