Remedyforce Sandboxes

Version 3

    With the “Getting Started with Remedyforce” white paper series, our aim is to help you leverage BMC Remedyforce to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your ITSM operations. Each paper addresses a specific area of interest and provides you with conceptual, functional and technical best practices to make configuration decisions and take action to gain value from your BMC Remedyforce investment.


    BMC provides you with various options for sandbox environments to ensure you are able to adequately test changes, versions, etc. before moving them into production use. While we’ve seen customers try to shortcut the process of getting a change implemented quickly by editing the production environment directly, creating changes in your production Remedyforce environment has never been and never will be a best practice. When changes are made to your environment without the proper testing, there is a higher chance for things to go wrong, so it is always recommended to make any changes in your sandbox environment first. This white paper will discuss the differences between the various types of sandboxes, what can be moved between sandboxes, and how to accomplish that by leveraging a new feature in Winter ’15  and Summer 16 that makes life a lot easier: new Pentaho Migration Package and SmartSync BETA.