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    Cloud Elements is a single, unified platform that combines API management, API aggregation and API Integration services (Connectors) into a single platform designed expressly for developers to create Cooperative Apps; Apps that work seamlessly with the cloud services used by customers, employees and partners.  With our service, integrations can be accomplished at a fraction of the time and cost.Cloud Elements is approaching the market differently - our technology combines API management and integration capabilities that take the redundancies out of integrating with multiple services of similar categories.Cloud Elements main differentiator is that we provide a uniform API integration service that enables a single integration to reach an entire category of cloud services - e.g. Help Desk, Documents, CRM, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, and Finance services.  E.g, our CRM Hub enables developers to use a uniform RESTful API service to integrate with leading CRM services (e.g., Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho CRM, AutoTask, and Netsuite).  Common data objects such as contacts and accounts, as well as customer specific custom objects, flow between any service endpoint - making it easier to move data in an out of various cloud services (e.g. between Salesforce, Quickbooks, and Hubspot).Cloud Elements has combined API Management and iPaaS into a single integrated product targeted at integration use cases.Multi-tenant platform with a single code line whether deployed as a public, private (on-premise) or hybrid clouds.100% delivered through the Internet with no tools or IDE to download. No need to redeploy apps as in ESB. Just access services through REST APIs.100% of functionality available with REST APIs with JSON payloads. Fully embeddable in our clients apps and white-label ready.Built for the modern developer with extensive documentation and free usage that never expires.Aggregation through Hubs that provide Uniform APIs to connect entire categories of services, leaving a developer to learn a single RESTful API to integrate with multiple related services regardless of the endpoint.



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