Notepad++ User Defined Language for NSH Script Files

Version 3

    So this is my initial attempt to have Notepad++ style .nsh files. I've include styling for basic operators, conditionals, blcli_* commands + namespaces. It's certainly a work in progress but figured I'd share it incase anyone was interested in improving it or using it or suggesting changes.


    Instructions for importing

    1. Download the file
    2. Open Notepad++
    3. Choose the Language Menu
    4. Select Define Your Language
    5. Select Import
    6. Point to the downloaded file
    7. Finish up
    8. Open an existing .nsh file or create a new one.


    **Set your default style/theme: Settings -> Style Configurator, choose the Default Style set the Foreground color to: R: 235, G: 235, B: 235, set the Background color to: R: 5, G:13, B: 26


    Here's what your nsh scripts should look like if I documented everything correctly



    Let me know what you think


    note: I think this is only compatible with notepad++ versions using UDL 2+