Save the Date! February 25, 3:35 pm-4:20 pm - Sentry’s Breakout Session at BMC Swiss User Day

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    Sentry Software is proud to be a featured speaker at the BMC Swiss User Day conference in Zurich. During this session, Bertrand Martin will present the Sentry’s extension modules for BMC TrueSight.


    During this session, discover:

    • How BMC TrueSight can diagnose performance problems in their storage infrastructure
    • How BMC TrueSight can prevent storage capacity shortages and optimize the existing environment
    • How BMC Atrium Orchestrator can automate the provisioning of storage


      Breakout Session Details:

    • Session Title : Storage: Monitor, Optimize and Automate
    • Date: October 15, 3:35 pm-4:20 pm
    • Track: Performance Management and Analytics


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