How to update your Track-It! License

Version 6
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    • For Track-It! 2018 and newer versions:
      • IMPORTANT - Track-It! 2018 and newer versions use 2 license files. One with a .LICX extension for Track-It! and one with a .XML extension for Client Management. You will need both of these files. The Client Management license (XML) contains all licensing for Remote Control, Auditing, Discovery, Patch, Deployment and Compliance.
      1. Open the Configuration module inside Track-It!
      2. Click on the Product Updates pod and select License Update
      3. Follow the instructions to update your Track-It! license and/or BMC Client Management license.
    • For Track-It! 11.x and older versions:
      1. On the Track-It! server, open the Track-It! Server directory. The actual directory could be different depending on your version or where you installed the product originally. The default installation folders are shown below. You have the right folder if it contains an Audit.exe and a SupportCenter.exe file or an existing Trackit.lic file.

        Track-It! 8.x, 9, 10.x, and 11.x versions upgraded from older installs
        C:\Program Files(x86)\Numara Software\Numara Track-It!\Track-It! Server

        Track-It! 11.x and newer
        C:\Program Files(x86)\BMC Software\Track-It!\Track-It! Server

      2. If there is an existing Trackit.lic file, rename it to Trackit.old
      3. Copy your new Trackit.lic license file into the Track-It! Server folder
      4. Once you have copied in the new file, take the following steps to ensure that permissions are setup properly on the file. Failure to take these steps could prohibit the applications from reading the file properly.
        1. Right-click the Track-It! Server folder where the new license file has been copied and select Properties.
        2. Click the Security tab.
        3. Next, click the Advanced button shown towards the bottom.
        4. Enable the Replace permission entries on all child objects with entries shown here that apply to child objects option and then click Ok.
        5. Click Yes to confirm.
        6. Click Ok to close the directory's properties.
      5. Restart the Track-It! Service Management service on the Track-It! server.
      6. Restart the IIS Admin service on the Track-It! Web server if Track-It! Web is installed.