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    For the past 15 years, Monexa has broken ground in the online billing industry and worked with hundreds of subscription businesses to help them deliver innovative pricing plans that drive more online and enterprise subscription sales. A deep skill-base derived from our many years of experience, combined with the online billing industries most robust set of API exposed billing, subscriber management and payment features, sets Monexa apart from other online billing companies and is why Monexa attracts established enterprise accounts.In 1998, we started providing the operational support systems, including the billing and online payments engine for large ISPs and Telecom companies such as AOL and Bell Mobility as well as companies with complex reseller hierarchies like Amway. Monexa was one of the first billing platforms back in the early 2000s to introduce what are now common billing concepts seen in most bundled mobile phone plans. In 2003 and 2004 we acquired technical support and payment processing companies to broaden our scope of services into the general online subscription billing and automated payments space.In 2007, the growth in Software as a Service (SaaS) and the cloud infrastructure markets was the catalyst for Monexa to take our already feature and function rich on-demand subscription billing and payments product and spend the next year on even more functionality and new user interfaces and billing language appropriate to these markets. In mid-2008, we launched our enhanced capabilities and priced them in such a way as to enable companies of any size to affordably obtain the same subscription billing and payments functionality as our large ISP and Telecom customers. Monexa continues to be the ground breaker in new online billing functionality with new releases every 6 to 8 weeks on top of what is already the most feature rich online billing application available.Monexa was the first to offer an on-demand subscription billing and payments platform. Our technology has been a true multi-tenant, online billing solution from day one. Fifteen (15) years of experience with sophisticated technology subscription customers has resulted in the most sophisticated product in the market and the most experienced team to guide your implementation.



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