Troubleshooting : BMC BLADELOGIC : RSCD DEBUG/CRASH Diagnostic Tips

Version 2



    if user wants to debug issues related to RSCD (a.k.a. BMC BLADELOGIC RSCD AGENT) crash or needs debug for some issue. 


    Here's few tips/steps those might help to get crashdumps/debug logs :-



    1.  Debug logs :-


        Goto to Agent install home ( C:\windows\rsc\HOME or /etc/rsc/HOME) and go to AGENT HOME location listed in this file.

        now, from that just run :-  <RSCD_HOME>/sbin/agentctl toggle  <-- this toggles between info and debug mode without need of restarting rscd agent.



    2. CrashDumps :-

       Incase,  RSCD crashes  then its good to collect that specific crashdump. which will able to give pointers to what might be causing issue. 

    On windows box please have following steps to get dump :-


    Please, refer following doc to enable required settings:-



    Now, perform operation that is crashing RSCD and then navigate to  windows->Start->Run->Compmgmt.msc->Even Viewer ->

    Windows Logs ->  This will show various logs like : Application,Security,System etc.


    Navigate through them... it will show Application Error and give brief details about crash ... and also provide details of crash dump



    Copy this crash dump file and share with BMC IT support for investigation.

    also, if you wish, please refer "sysinternals tools", which helps to get lot of other OS details which will surely boost up investigation   process.




    <<Please, go on suggesting addition/changes/updates so that over time, I will have lot of tips/tricks in one place for RSCD related issues>>