Common TIPS for BSA Users

Version 4

    If there is any issue, then what to do...  how to capture debug logs so as to speed up RCA !  here we go :-



    These steps are very generic, so checkout if you really want to go for this.



    1. Switching App server in DEBUG mode :-


    Make sure to use appropriate component based logging, if Root level DEBUG log is enabled it will create lot of logs.



    2. Switching Targets (Agents) in DEBUG mode :-

    How to enable debug-level logging for a BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite (BBSA) RSCD Agent  or



    just check where agent is installed from :- c:\windows\rsc\HOME or  /etc/rsc/HOME and then go to that dir..

    on linux platform you can find  <agent_home>/sbin/agentctl

    Now, to change from current state to debug : <AGENT_HOME>/sbin/agentctl toggle

    after DEBUG to get back RSCD to normal state : <AGENT_HOME>/sbin/agentctl toggle



    3. Make sure to have proper JVM heap size configured and actually available.


    4. Make sure, required communication ports are not used by other products/services than BSA.

    BMC Server Automation ports - BMC Server Automation 8.5 - BMC Documentation