BMC Service Request Management 8.1.00 - Support Notes

Version 1
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    This online document collects frequently accessed information resources for this product and version: BMC Service Request Management version 8.1.00


    This information can be useful when using or planning to deploy this version of the application. Bookmark and follow the document to receive notification when the document is updated.”



    NOTE: It is advisable to update your installation with the latest service pack or patch to resolve any issues that you might be experiencing. Visit the BMC documentation portal for information about known and resolved issues in BMC Service Request Management 8.1


    New features in this version:


    The following enhancements are available in version 8.1:


    • User friendly and completely revamped look of Request Entry Console that simplifies navigation
    • Email based approvals for Service Request Management
    • Auto approval feature for the custom approvals
    • After New save option has been added to the Work orders as well which was earlier present in ITSM
    • Additional features of Actions and Conditions while creating the SRD are added to simplify data gathering for end user when he submits service request
    • For details about these enhancements, see New features in 8.1 version


    Frequently accessed documentation topics:


    The following list includes hyperlinks to the most frequently used information about BMC Change Management 8.1.00 on the BMC documentation portal:


    Configuring Auto-approval

    Known and corrected issues

    Design guidelines for creating Services

    Troubleshooting in SRM

    Working with Request Entry Console


    Frequently accessed knowledge articles:


    Before we proceed here is one note for you – BMC Service Request Management has cumulative hotfixes for version 8.0 onwards.

    The latest ‘Cumulative Hotfix’ for SRM was built in the month of December ‘15. You can contact Technical Support to get these hotfixes uploaded on FTP. There is a chance that some of following articles will direct you to cumulative hotfixes which are older than one in December. It is advisable to ask for the latest hotfix always when you come across this situation.


    The following list includes hyperlinks to useful knowledge articles and hotfixes that are available for BMC Service Request Management 8.1.00:


    KA381392 - How to configure private server queue for the CAI Plugin Server for SRM, DMT, etc?

    KA374550 - Adding SR in "Add to cart "or "Draft "sends REQ submit notification before you hit on "Submit" Cart.

    KA327875 - How assignment of the Service Request Coordinator works (KA for older versions still applicable)

    KA412825 - Midtier 8.1 Sp1 - The drop-down button for the Show field in My Requests has its drop-down button hidden

    KA406007 - Request Entry Search is not working

    KA400484 - Problem when adding new options to Menu item with conditional questions

    KA407545 - Corrupted questions are seen in SRM 8.1 when there're multiple conditions configured.

    KA367533 - Getting Error: Exception occur while retrieving USM data. (ARWARN 150502) when accessing SRD through Request Entry Console

    KA418153 - The CAI:Event plugin hung and records were created in SRM:Requests, but the records in CAI:Events did not get processed, so the backend fulfillment records were not created.

    KA287697 - CAI:Events and CAI:Event Params forms fill up with entries which crashes the arplugin server


    Importance of implementation cumulative hotfix:-


    These are the defects which are fixed with the cumulative hotfix mentioned earlier in the doc and hence we highly recommend you to install this cumulative hotfix in your environment. Some of these defects are low priority and some of them impact system if you are using the defect related functionality –

    Defect ID



    On the request entry console the Links tab when loaded shows all the links but if the browser is restore down and again restored to maximum size it only shows 11 links not more than that.


    Hidden Questions are visible to the end users.


    Request again opens a blank provide information screen when a query menu depends on a text field.


    Radio button based conditions not working.


    Open Form Actions not firing on REQUEST AGAIN


    Defect: SRM: hyperlink border on marketing slides in SRM console while using IE browser


    Create Query Menu questions in the SRD for 3 questions, when you select the third question, it blanks out the second selection.


    Question referenced twice in a query menu does not work


    Creating query menu questions depends on text question, After submitting clicking on Request Again or Save As Draft button Provide Information page remains blank


    If the query menu qualification includes static text, it doesn't work properly


    Mozilla browser does not limit input length for text field


    Request Entry chevrons disappear


    Login ID that includes "\009" experiences syntax errors (ARERRORs 4558, 2290 and 9713) when browsing SR categories and submitting SR with questions and responses resulting in the rollback of SRD:MultipleQuestionResponse but the SR gets created


    In browse view clicking on an icon for a category in the All Categories list results in a spinning cursor


    Unable to submit requests in IE when setting 'Clear OBO Question Responses' to Yes.


    NPE in backend code for some users (for those who's don't have User Preferences record)


    JAWS issues


    SRM - Dynamic Menus Issues, Display Label, Actual Value


    SRD actions (set in the Action Tab) are not working when associated with questions with pre-defined field length


    SRM 8.1 - Conditional Question Dynamic Menus not working on initial selection of Parent Question


    SRD Import 'merge' option does not cater for SRM:Actions_Def that have been deleted on source platform and SRD Action sequence is changed


    Extra spaces added to the question label for the static menu after SR is saved


    SRM - menu items not lining up when edited i.e. mismatching menu items display in console


    Issues in IE9 browser with using text question types in Actions


    SRM Menus returning multiple of same values/records instead of showing unique values


    Latest Service Pack or patch:


    The following list includes hyperlinks to useful resource Service pack 002 for version 8.1.00 or 8.1.02 of the BMC Service Request Management



    Known and corrected issues


    In the case of defects, be sure to upgrade to the latest versions and service packs that address them.  Also note that you can use Ideas in Communities to submit and vote on features that you would like to see in the product.