Blade ZipKit - Apply ACL Policy to All Components by Server

Version 2

    Blade ZipKit - Apply ACL Policy to All Components by Server


    Blade ZipKit Package Info

    Name: Apply ACL Policy to All Components by Server

    Type: NSH Script Job (Type 1)

    BSA Compatible Version: 8.5.x

    Version: 1.0

    More Info:

    Created by: richard mcleod

    Tested version on:

    Tested against host running: n/a


    I Have run into quite a few instances where components are created by one role and are missing permissions for another role which would primarily manage the asset through BladeLogic. This NSH Script Job (Type 1) aims to remediate permission issues on all components registered to a specific host.


    Instructions for Importing the NSH Script Job:

    1. Download the attached Zip file and extract

    2. Choose a folder in your Jobs path to import the job to (right click, choose import, find extracted folder from above)

    3. Step through the import dialog, move the nsh script if necessary.

    4. Execution:

    4a. I would recommend making a copy of the Sample and pasting into the current path

    4b. Edit the name of the copied job (suggestion: ACL_POLICY_NAME-JobName)

    4c. Once renamed open the script job for editing

    4d. Switch to the parameters tab and enter the name of the ACL Policy you want to apply

    4e. Save the script job

    5. Right click the job and choose execute against and choose a target

    Job Notes: The script takes two parameters: Hostname and ACL Policy Name. Supply the needed ACL Policy Name in the parameters tab of the job. The hostname parameter is supplied by ??TARGET.NAME?? meaning all you need to do is specify the targets during execution.


    Hope it helps, enjoy.