MonitorRemedy - BMC Remedy Environment Monitoring Solution

Version 1

    MobileRemedy - A Complete BMC Remedy Environment Monitoring solution
    Why MonitorRemedy?


    The goal of MonitorRemedy is to provide a visual monitor of your BMC Remedy Application's health. Typically QA and production environments.


    MonitorRemedy includes a high level view of your application's health. A warning system lets you quickly identify which Application function, ARSystem, Mid-tier or Load Balancer components of your application are either down or trending towards a potential issue.


    Delivering IT services to end users, that’s what matters. To you, that means your application health is essential in order to support your IT processes. You need a visual Dashboard that proactively highlights issues before they become serious.


    Setup time for monitoring tools can be time consuming. MonitorRemedy is a dynamic web application easily deployed to a Apache Tomcat server. The configuration interface allows you to define the applications to be monitored in minutes, allowing quick product deployment.