Top BMC Atrium Orchestrator Knowledge Articles

Version 7
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    Below is a list of some of the top BMC Atrium Orchestrator knowledge articles.  This list relates to both BAO Platform and Content KAs.  We chose these based on how often they are linked to support cases as solutions, and also just personal judgement on which ones are useful.  BMC Support receives issues from customers on all of these pretty often, so hopefully this list will be of some use.


    Note: You must have a BMC support ID and log in to access the knowledge base.



    Knowledge Article TitleRelevanceDate Added to List
    Peer fails to start after exhausted disk spaceStartupNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio fails to connect with "No grid communication discovery URIs are currently configured"Development StudioNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator - "Unable to read Archive from file" when starting peerStartupNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator workflow throws "invalid transform" errors when input data contains quotes XSLTNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator - Adapter calls to remote peers time out after one hour AdaptersNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator - Remedy Monitor Adapter does not pick up alerts except on adapter activation AdaptersNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator - "Failed to obtain high availability node's lock" leads to unstable system StabilityNov 7, 2014
    Atrium Orchestrator Peer on Multi-Homed Server Fails To Connect to GridEnvironmentNov 7, 2014
    How do I increase memory for Atrium Orchestrator peersConfigurationMar 18, 2015
    Graphing server fails on HTTPS Atrium Orchestrator peers and shows "null" instead of graphsWorkaroundMay 29, 2015


    Please feel free to nominate additional KAs in the comments below.