Duplicate CI Finder

Version 2
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    Hi Pals,


    Just completed my application called Duplicate CI Finder and thought to share with you all. This application will help you to find the duplicate CIs from your CMDB environment and eliminate them from the system. As per my understanding there is no such tool which finds the duplicate CIs and helps you to remove them. Few days back, I have done some manual work like;

    • Extracting CIs from remedy to CSV files
    • Comparing them with each other
    • Setting the Mark As Deleted Flag
    • Deleting the CIs


    I found this method somewhat tedious and time consuming. You can use my application to find the duplicates by selecting some unique fields, you can delete them from the application end itself or you can set the MAD flag or you can open the CI in remedy and make required changes.


    It's a freeware and user friendly application. Find the attached user guide and setup file of this application.


    Feel free to share your comments and suggestions to improve it.


    Hope you will like it....