BPPM 9.5: Configuring Simple Service Modeling & PCA

Version 2
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    This Webinar, delivered on October 28, 2014, covers best practices for configuring simple service models and probable cause analysis with BPPM 9.5. The information in this Webinar will help you understand service modeling and its benefits, keeping service models simple in design and approach, covers basic use cases for service modeling, along with incorporating scripting with service modeling. Content delivered also includes general recommendations, building models, and additional tips to use with our BMC ProactiveNet Performance Manager and TrueSight monitoring solution.


    Material covered includes:


    • Brief review of Service Modeling
    • What is Simple Service Modeling
    • Use cases for Simple Service Modeling
    • Simple Service Model Methods
    • Manually Building Models
    • Scripting Model Method
    • Advanced Model Method

    Make sure to check out the rest of the series and the documentation covered in the presentations.Please see below for the presentation (pdf), recording from the session (mp4), and FAQs from the session. This is a link to the Best Practices documentation.

    IMPORTANT: The scripting and Pentaho references in the presentation serve as examples. The creation and maintenance of the scripts in Service Modeling is the responsibility of the creator of the script. BMC Customer Support cannot create, maintain, or support scripts that are created.

    • BPPM 9.5 Webinar Series Configuring Simple Service Modeling & PCA-presentation.pdf
    • BPPM 9.5 Webinar Series Configuring Simple Service Modeling & PCA-20141028-recording.mp4