Connect with TrueSight Capacity Optimization Best Practices Webinar - Fourth Series

Version 9

    BMC Software announces its fourth webinar series to provide guidance around product best practices in the areas of Capacity Management and how to manage the TrueSight Capacity Optimization solution.


    These 90 minute "Connect with TrueSight Capacity Optimization" sessions will commence November 2014, covering specific areas to administer and maintain your TrueSight Capacity Optimization environment.

    The sessions will focus on product level best practices, and target key areas to aid in maintaining a stable capacity managed environment. 


    The planned and available sessions are listed below, with links to related registration or presentation materials and recordings as shown. Additional topics will be added as the series progresses:



    • Connect with TrueSight Capacity Optimization: Managing the capacity of your AIX/PowerVM environment (Part 2) - TBD



    NEW - Connect with - TrueSight Capacity Optimization Series (BCO) - Podcast

    Now, there is a new way to watch Connect with TrueSight Capacity Optimization (BCO) Webinars, via iTunes Podcasts.  To get started click Connect with - TrueSight Capacity Optimization (BCO) Series to subscribe to the podcast.  Once you have subscribed they will automatically be synced based on your subscription options as the webinar videos are posted.  All previously recorded webinars are also available.


    Additional Webinar Series can be found at the following locations: