Connect with TrueSight Capacity Optimization:  Managing the capacity of your AIX/PowerVM environment (Part 1)

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    Webinar: "Managing the capacity of your AIX/Power Environment - Part 1".

    Date: November 4th 2014



    Webinar Summary:


    This is the first in the 4th series of capacity management best practices that will illustrate how you can use BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization to manage the capacity of your AIX/PowerVM environment.


    BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization has long been at the forefront when it comes to managing capacity of an IBM PowerVM AIX environment. With the features in the latest TrueSight Capacity Optimization release 9.5 SP2, the entire work flow from configuring and managing data collection to advanced analysis and modeling is made easier and more powerful.

    This best practices webinar is in two parts. In Part 1, we explain the basics, including the key metrics needed to manage the capacity of Micro-partitions, and the trade-offs of the different means of collecting data.

    In Part 2 (to be scheduled Q1CY15) we will cover some of the newer features available on Power and go deeper into analysis and modelling.





    Make sure to check out the rest of the series as more topics are added.

    Please see below for video recording (mp4), Presentation (pdf), and Q&A (pdf) from the webinar