Top 10 Knowledge Articles for BMC Remedy AR System Server

Version 3
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    Below are the Top 10 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for BMC Remedy AR System Server.

    The items on the list are selected by a combination of both personal experience and quantitative factors, with the goal of sharing the most relevant and useful information in a easy to consume format.


    KA NumberTitleRelevanceDate Added
    KA395757FTS FortificationUseful Information/TipsFeb 3rd, 2015
    KA357263Plugin TuningConfigFeb 3rd, 2015
    KA404408AMIGO Upgrade Program Introduction for Remedy ITSM UpgradeUpgradesOct 10, 2014
    KA394790When is it required to purge an AR Server license key?Useful Information/TipsFeb 3rd, 2015
    KA366897After an Admin Change, the memory stays high for a very long time / 'Long-Running-Escalation-Logging-Threshold: ' parameterUseful Information/TipsOct 10, 2014
    KA402184How can I estimate how long a full FTS Reindex will take?Useful Information/TipsOct 10, 2014
    KA383938How to completely rebuild the FTS indexUseful Information/TipsOct 10, 2014
    KA362404The form definition file field count does not match number of fields in the file. (ARERR 403) or  The form definition field count does not match the number of fields in the database (ARERR 9912)Trending concernFeb 3rd, 2015
    KA403677TCP Connections are Not getting Released from AR ServerTrending concernOct 10, 2014
    KA392562How can I setup ARSystem 8.1 to use the C plugin version of ARDBC LDAP or AREA LDAP?ConfigFeb 3rd, 2015


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