BPPM 9.5: Configuring for Advanced Thresholds and Abnormalities

Version 3
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    This Webinar, delivered on September 30, 2014, covers best practices for using Thresholds and understanding Abnormalities with BPPM 9.5. The information in this Webinar will help you gain a better understanding of how to use Thresholds, the various types of Thresholds, working with Abnormalities in your environment, and their benefits in BPPM 9.5. Content delivered includes general recommendations, when to edit or add Thresholds, along with additional tips to apply when working with Thresholds and Abnormalities with our BMC BPPM 9.5 monitoring solution.


    Material covered includes:


    • Prerequisites
    • Benefits & Limitations of Policies
    • Threshold Types & Terminology
    • Abnormalities vs. Events
    • CMA & Advanced Threshold Configuration
    • Absolute Thresholds
    • Predictive Alarms
    • Signature Thresholds
    • Intelligent Events
    • Abnormality Thresholds
    • Abnormalities & PCA

    Make sure to check out the rest of the series and the documentation covered in the presentations.Please see below for the presentation (pdf) and the recording from the session (mp4). This is a link to the Best Practices documentation and the Q&A for the session will be posted in this same location later as FAQs.

    IMPORTANT: Slide 9 in the recorded Webinar presentation is incorrect regarding the definition of Absolute Deviation.  Absolute Deviations are based on a raw absolute value, not a number of standard deviations entered by the user. Please refer to the corrected PowerPoint presentation posted for examples, etc.


    • BPPM 9.5 Advanced Thresholds & Abnormalities.pdf (presentation)
    • BPPM 9.5 Webinar Series Configuring for Advanced Thresholds and Abnormalities recording.mp4