Twitter Contest FAQ

Version 2
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    When will this contest last?

    Contest started late September (with brave Community members who helped us beta test), and should last till 1 week or so after Engage 2014 Event.


    Who can participate to the contest?

    Most users of BMC Communites:

    • Users attending the Event, or not (yeah, we sure give a chance to everyone
    • Customer, Partners, Independent Consultants, Analysts, etc. (not BMC Employees)


    Are we ignoring BMC Employees?

    Sure not! We just want the leaderboard to focus on external

    We designed things to achieve a win-win

    When BMCers will tweet #bmcengage, and Customers/Partners/... will RT them,

    • points will go to Customers/Partner,
    • and BMCers will probably get new followers, and have the opportunity to interact with more tweeples in our ecosystem


    How to join this contest?

    You need an account on BMC Communities.

    1. Edit your profile, and add exact handle (including caps, just remove the @) in the Twitter ID field (example: LmameGeek for Laurent Matheo)
    2. Add a comment on Tweeting #BMCEngage For The Win blog post

    Then allow about 12 hours for our processes and systems to validate your request.

    Takeaways: if you plan to tweet beginning Day1 of the Event, make these 2 steps before!


    How to have a tweet counted?

    After you successfully joined the contest, whatever you tweet (text, image, vid, article), whatever Twitter app you use (native on iOS, Tweedle on Android, Mehdoh on Windows phone...) or Web UI, just include #bmcengage hashtag in your post


    When UserA RTs UserB, who is counted?

    If UserA is part of this contest, and tweets #bmcengage, he/she will be counted once.

    If UserB is part of this contest, he/she will be counted once (crediting the engagement for viral spread)