BladeLogic Dashboard 1.2.00(How to start tomcat service in background on Windows appserver)

Version 2

    Steps to start tomcat service in background on windows appserver.


    1. Download the full Tomcat installer “apache-tomcat-6.0.41-windows-x64.exe” from (or whatever the latest version is.  Tomcat 6 or 7 are fine)
    2. Run the installer
    3. copy the <dashboard>/Tomcat/webapps/dashboard directory to the webapps directory of the new tomcat install.
    4. Open the services console using “service.msc” and
    • Right click on the tomcat service and click properties, it will open tomcat service properties window.
    • Go to  'Log On" tab and select “This account” and provide the user id & password for the account that has been running the interactive version of Tomcat i.e. “administrator”.
    • Go to the General tab and change "Startup type" from Manual to Automatic. This will start the service automatically after every restart of appserver machine.
    • Start the tomcat service.

       5.  Once the tomcat service starts, access the reports via the URL "http://<Appserver>:8080/dashboard/" (or whatever port you specified.)