AMIGO Program for Upgrading TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Version 10
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    AMIGO Program for Upgrading TrueSight Capacity Optimization (aka BMC Capacity Optimization)


    For expert advice on planning your TrueSight Capacity Optimization upgrade, then the BMC AMIGO Program is here to help you. The Assisted MIGration Offering program is designed to assist customers with planning the upgrade of TrueSight Capacity Optimization, expanding on your regular support experience to include the following benefits:


    • End-to-end collaboration by BMC Support during upgrade planning and implementing stages.
    • Interactive exploration of upgrade needs with a generous lead time (weeks to months).
    • Precheck and sizing of the customer environment to ensure success of the new implementation.
    • And others...


    For an overview of the benefits and options available through this program, please refer the TSCO AMIGO overview video below or to Knowledge Article 000141384




    NOTE:     1. The AMIGO Program provides help to plan your product version upgrade. It does NOT provide expedited resolution for technical issues encountered during the upgrade process, nor is it a substitute for a Professional Services engagement. Technical assistance outside of the guidance and review offered by the AMIGO Program will require opening a normal case, or if you require BMC to upgrade and implement TrueSight Capacity Optimization for you, please contact your BMC Account Manager to engage BMC Professional Services.


                   2. Migrating your existing TrueSight Capacity Optimization, BMC Capacity Optimization (BCO) or BMC Performance Assurance (BPA) implementation from a physical to a virtual machine, or from one OS to another, does not qualify as an AMIGO activity. In this scenario please follow standard BMC Support processes, and log a separate case to request assistance.