Top Knowledge Articles for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

Version 3
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    Below are the Top knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.


    The items on the list are selected by a combination of both personal experience and quantitative factors, with the goal of sharing the most relevant and useful information in a easy to consume format.


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    Title (Link)RelevanceDate Added
    SOI provisioning fails with: "Please ensure cluster-switch relationship exists in the cdb"SOI ProvisioningSept 16, 2014
    Not able to onboard Virtual Cluster. Error-No matching switches found between Pod and VirtualClusterOn-boarding Cloud ResourcesSept 16, 2014
    Reconciliation job is not running and gets stopped abruptly.SOI Provisioning/ReconSept 16, 2014
    SOI provisioning fails with an error: "Could not retrieve any Virtual Datastore Pool"SOI ProvisioningSept 16, 2014
    CLM provisioning fails with error: "VG creation failed:Could not find VirtualGuestPackage  in the BBSA Depot"SOI ProvisioningNov 20, 2014
    Error received in Cloud Admin Portal "The user does not have the privileges required to perform the following operation : Organization,search"Privileges / Permissions and EntitlementsNov 20, 2014
    Post Deploy Action (Day 2) to Add server fails if the Management Network is at container level Day 2/TRO (Post Deploy Action)Dec 1 2014
    How to manually create a missing Service Offering relationship with Service Offering Instance?ContractLine/ContractDec 1 2014
    Error: "PROVIDER_NOT_FOUND:The null provider found for constructor operation has a different GUID than what the system expects" during provisioning of a new SOISOI ProvisioningDec 1 2014
    ERROR com.bmc.bcm.capa.internal.BCMProviderInstaller - Error in provider registration operation or Message [210000] The callout registration failed to saveSOI ProvisioningDec 1 2014
    Not able to onboard Virtual Cluster. Error-No matching switches found between Pod and VirtualClusterSOI ProvisioningDec 1 2014
    Provisioning fails with Error retrieving VirtualCenter CO versionSOI ProvisioningDec 1 2014
    "DSO" is hung and how to troubleshoot DSO issue?DSODec 1 2014