Adding Submitter Name Column to Work Detail in 8.1 (Step-by-step)

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    I've seen some folks in BMC Communities asking for the Submitter Name column, and it's definitely something that was needed for our organization.  This is one of the first customizations I did in DEV Studio and was a good learning experience--also, pretty easy!  So, here we go...  Out of the box, the only displayed columns in Work Detail are Type, Notes, Files, Submit Date, and Submitter.  The Submitter column will display the LoginID or email address (if updated via email) of the submitter employee.  Many organizations have loginIDs that are a combination of letters and numbers, so it’s difficult to discern who added a work log.  This guide serves as a tutorial on adding an additional column to Incident Work Detail (see bottom of post for Work Order explanation) and populating it with the Submitter name upon adding a new work log entry.




    Step 1: Create a New Field on HPD:WorkLog

    There is no field OOB that contains the Submitter name, so we’ll need to make one.  Go to Development Studio and navigate to the following form, HPD:WorkLog.

    HPD-WorkLog Form01.png


    Scroll down to the gray space below the Main Dialog box.  Drag and drop a Character Data Field in the gray space.  You may also right click in the gray space, select Create New Field -> In Current View -> Character.  Note: If the character data field is unavailable to you, you may need to create a view overlay if one has not already been created before this tutorial.  You can do this by selecting Form on the menu bar, and then selecting Create View Overlay.

    HPD-WorkLog Add Field.png


    Select the new Character field and change the values in the Properties window as seen in the picture to the right.  You will only need to change the Database Name, Display Label, and Display Visibility=False.

    HPD-WorkLog Properties.png

    Next, select the Set Permissions button, add Public, change Permission type to Change.

    HPD-WorkLog Permissions.png

    Save the Form.





    Step 2: Create a new filter to Pass the Employee’s Full Name

    Create a new filter by right clicking Filter and select New Filter in the AR System Navigator window.


    In the new Filter window, selected the Add… button under the Associated Forms panel.


    Type in HPD:WorkLog in the Name field under Filtering Options, select HPD:WorkLog in the Available Forms table and click OK.


    Select the Execution Options panel, check the Modify and Submit checkboxes, and change the Execution Order to 701.


    Select the Run If Qualification panel and paste the following qualification into the field box:


    ('z1D Action' != "CREATE_FROM_REQUEST") AND ('Status' != "Delete") AND ('z1D Action' != "UPDATEGROUPLIST") AND ('z1D Action' != "SYNCHWI")


    The above qualification was obtained from the INT:SRMHPD:WLG:CreateWorkInfo_700_Request`! filter.  We’re performing a similar task, but creating a new filter with set field actions, instead.


    Right click on the If Action panel, select Add Action, select Set Fields


    Select SERVER from the Data Source Drop Down.  Select or type CTM:People for the Form Name.  Select or type the Qualification: 'Remedy Login ID' = $Submitter$  Select or type the field you created on HPD:WorkInfo (in this example it is zSubmitterFullName) in the Field cell, and $Full Name$ for Value.  The Request matching should default to the shown values below.


    Save the filter using the appropriate naming convention.




    Step 3: Add the Submitter Name column to HPD:Help Desk

    Open the HPD:Help Desk form.  Navigate to the Work Detail tab and select the z2TH HPD Worklog table.


    In the Properties window on the right, select the Others: Overlay Type as Overwrite.  Select the ellipses button in the Tree/Table Properties under Attributes as shown in the picture to the right.


    Select the field you created in Step 1 (we used zSubmitterFullName), select the single add arrow button.  Change the name of the Column Title of zSubmitterFullName to Submitter Name.  Select OK.



    Flush server cache to see changes immediately.


    You're done!


    Adding Submitter Name column to Work Order

    Follow the same steps as the Incident tutorial above.  The differences will be:

    1. When creating the character data field, navigate to WOI:WorkInfo form and follow the same steps.
    2. When creating filter, use Associated Form: WOI:WorkInfo and follow the same steps.
    3. When adding the Submitter Name column, open the WOI:WorkOrder form and follow the same steps.