Top Viewed Knowledge Articles for TrueSight Server Automation

Version 26
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    Below are the Top 25 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for TrueSight Server Automation (TSSA) as of June 30th 2020.


    The items on the list will be most viewed/important/trending knowledge articles.


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    Article #Title
    000170998Truesight Server Automation (TSSA): The May 25th 2020 Expiry Date of the TSSA Live Reporting license file causes "The software license has been breached" or "Incorrect username or password" errors
    TSSA/BSA: Windows Patch Troubleshooting - A Windows Hotfix is reported as missing by BSA Patch Analysis but is not getting installed on the server during remediation - INCLUDES VIDEO
    TSSA/BSA: Windows Patch Troubleshooting - Patch Deploy Job appears to have succeeded but Patch Analysis still reports the patch as missing - INCLUDES VIDEO
    TSSA/BSA: Windows Catalog update job displays "No mappings were found for the selected product" warning in Job Run Log
    TSSA/BSA: Beginning May 2019 - Windows Catalog Updates failing due to problems downloading Oracle Java patches
    TSSA/BSA: Windows Deploy Job fails to reboot, reports "Reboot required but did not occur. Manual reboot needed to complete operation, exitCode = -4003"
    TSSA/BSA: Reboot is pending on this machine, analysis results may be in-correct
    TSSA/BSA: How can Microsoft Servicing Stack Updates (SSUs) affect TSSA Windows Patch Analysis results?
    TSSA/BSA: How to create an Offline Patch Catalog for Windows? --INCLUDES VIDEO
    TSSA/BSA: Windows catalog update fails with error - Validation Error :- BLPAT1004 - Http Url is not accessible
    TSSA/BSA: Patch Vendor Site access requirements for TSSA Patch Analysis
    TSSA/BSA: How to create a custom patch catalog in Red Hat Linux? --INCLUDES VIDEO
    TSSA/BSA  How to collect DEBUG logs to troubleshoot Redhat Patch Analysis issues --INCLUDES VIDEO
    000101038TSSA/BSA: Windows catalog update fails with error - Validation Error :- BLPAT1004 - Http Url is not accessible
    TSSA/BSA: How to generate a log package for a job run? -- INCLUDES VIDEO
    TSSA/BSA: Configuring and using Automation Principals - INCLUDES VIDEO
    TSSA/BSA: How can I pre-stage payloads in a remote site to reduce deployment times
    TSSR-SA: TrueSight Smart Reporting - No Access No data was found matching this report's Access Filter
    TSSA/BSA: After upgrading to TSSA 8.9 SP4 patch1, windows patch analysis is failing with error - STDERR: Error: Encountered error 0x800710dd initializing scanner -
    BSA/TSSA: Troubleshooting Tips: Troubleshooting TSSA Application Server startup issues
    TSSA/BSA: Error while executing NSH script job: nsh 9764 child_info_fork::abort: cygblcrypto-0.9.8.dll: Loaded to different address: parent(0x720000) != child(0x8D0000)
    TSSA/BSA: 8.9 SP3 Windows patch analysis failed with error - STDERR: Error: 80070057 'class STCore::CInvalidOperationException at Crypto.cpp:532: Invalid data format': parameter name: 'initializeParams'
    TSSA/BSA: Error installing BSA 8.9.02+ RSCD Agent on Windows: The platform on which you are trying to install or upgrade the product don't have 64 bit Microsoft Visual C++2015 Redistributable installed.
    TSSA/BSA: UPI installer failed as it failed to detect RSCD agent on file server (The following prerequisites are not met for the discovered server in this environment...)
    TSSA/BSA: Catalog Update Job error: Error while add/update patch in depot: hotfix <catalog item>, A depot object of the same type with the name <catalog item>, already exists in this group.