Top 10 Knowledge Articles for BladeLogic Server Automation

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    Below are the Top 10 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for BMC BladeLogic Server Automation.


    The items on the list are selected by a combination of both personal experience and quantitative factors, with the goal of sharing the most relevant and useful information in a easy to consume format.


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    Title (link)RelevanceDate Added
    AMIGO Upgrade Program Introduction for BSA environmentsUpgradesSep 8, 2014
    Avoiding Referential Integrity errors during BSA Database CleanupCommon IssueSep 8, 2014
    Creating a new bladelogic.keystore and syncing it with all BSA Application ServersHigh KA viewsSep 8, 2014
    BMC-recommended approach for gathering statistics on an Oracle bladelogic schema?PerformanceSep 8, 2014
    Troubleshooting BSA RSCD Agent connectivity issuesTroubleshootingSep 8, 2014

    Windows Patching errors involving KB2982791, KB2970228, KB2975719, KB2975331 and KB2990532

    Trending IssueSep 8, 2014
    Repository for BSA Windows Patching Filter Configuration File product_categories.xmlHigh KA viewsSep 8, 2014
    RSCD Agent on Virtual Center machine is no longer recognized as a VCenter machine in BSA UICommon IssueSep 8, 2014
    Linux Patch Analysis: How to troubleshoot error: Missing Dependency: [rpm1] = [version] is needed by packageTroubleshootingSep 8, 2014
    Decommissioning server throws "Access Denied Component.Delete" error on components not visible in UICommon IssueSep 8, 2014