Top Knowledge Articles for Event and Impact Management

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    Below are the Top 10 knowledge articles as recommended by the Customer Support team for Event and Impact Management.


    The items on the list are selected by a combination of both personal experience and quantitative factors, with the goal of sharing the most relevant and useful information in a easy to consume format.

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    Title (link)

    RelevanceDate Added
    The BPPM Assisted MIGration Operations (AMIGO) program is designed to help you upgrade quickly, easily and safely.UpgradesSeptember 5, 2014
    What are the different ways of enabling cell trace?TroubleshootingSeptember 5, 2014
    How can I enable trace for BMC Impact Event Adapters / Proactivenet Event Adapters (mcxa)?TroubleshootingSeptember 5, 2014
    The message on an event was overwritten when there is an update on the event in BPPMTrending concernSeptember 5, 2014
    I am unable to send events directly from Patrol Agent v9 to cell.Helpful configuration checklistSeptember 5, 2014
    How to troubleshoot the SNMP Event AdapterTroubleshootingSeptember 5, 2014
    Troubleshooting Issues with iBRSDTroubleshootingSeptember 5, 2014
    With a 9.5 cell, events do not have mc_smc_alias and mc_smc_id slots automatically set and therefore not impacting any CI.High KA ViewsSeptember 5, 2014
    How to disable Apache SSL V3.0 in IIWS for POODLE vulnerability?Trending concernFebruary 9, 2015
    How can I control how long to retain events in the cell?High KA ViewsFebruary 9, 2015