Complex SRM Approval Process - Approval Based on SRM Question/Answer

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    The following instructions were created by Christoph Klapetke

    1 Additional Approval process based on a question / answer in the Service Request

    Module: Service Request Management

    Functional Description

    This customizing is used within the Service Request Management to force an Approval, based on a response to a question that has given the requester by filling out the service request.

    In each service request which is received from a requester, there is the question "Workers Council Relevant", which can answer the requester with yes or no. If the requester answered the question with Yes, an approval should be considered. If the requester is answered the question with No the approval will be skipped and the process continues.

    This specific Approval is in the Service Request, however, is not the only Approval. Regardless, there are still a business approval before this workers council Approval, in which the OOTB Approval functionality in the Service Request Management can be used.

    Technical Description

    To get this functionality OOTB Forms need to be customized and a customer-specific Approval process to be built.

    Step 1: In the first step, the Character Menu was "DRA: WorkersCouncilApprovalSelectionMenu__c" built with the selection values "Yes" and "No".


    Step 2: In the second step on the Approval Mapping form: add a new character field (DRA_Workers Council Relevant__c) (APR Approver Lookup on the "Mapping Criteria" tab new character field (DRA_Workers Council Relevant__c) (APR Approver Lookup). For this purpose, an overlay was created for the form and for the view.

    The menu "DRA: WorkersCouncilApprovalSelectionMenu__c"  has been attached to the Workers Council Relevant field, so that the administrator who configures the Approval mappings can only select Yes and No.




    Step 3: The following fields has been added to the Join FormS RS:RequestApproverLookup. This form will be used for the approval rules.





    Add from SRM:Request

    SR Type Field 10

    Workers Council Relevant

    Value comes from SR SR

    Add from APR:Approver Lookup

    DRA_Workers Council Relevant__c

    Workers Council Relevant

    Value comes from Approval Mapping



    Schritt 4:  In the fourth step the customer-specific approval process has to be built.
    The process can be built in the form AP:Administration.
    In my case the created process is called DRA Service Request – Level. This is a copy of the original Service Request – Level approval process, The only different is the name and the approval rule


    The Approval Rule Set has been modified in the Field Qualification to consider the Workers Council Relevant Mapping.

    The approval process DRA_Service Request – Level has been created to conduct two approval level within the Service Request Management. The first approval is always a business approval and depends on the given SRD name. The level 2 approval is optional and depends on the workers council relevance.

    Please make sure that every SRD has mapped the answer of the Workers Council Relevance into the SR Type Field 10.

    Workers Council Relevance in SR Type Field 10 will be joined with the DRA_Workers Council Relevant__c of the Approval Mapping Form (APR:Approver Lookup.


    Approval Definition of DRA Service Request  - Level




    Field content of the Process Definition DRA Service Request - Level


    The Process Definition includes 2 Rules

    Rule 1 – DRA SR Level – Get next Approver
    Defines an Individual Approval (not used in my use case)

    Rule 2 – DRA SR Level – Get next Approver – Grp
    Defines a Support Group Approval






    DRA SR Level – Get next Approver



    DRA SR Level – Get next Approver – Grp




    Thanks a lot


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