Mid-Tier Health Check Utility

Version 3

    This is version 0.1 of the Mid-Tier Health Check utility.  The web server and JSP engine need to be Tomcat. I’ll add support for Apache HTTP server later.


    To download:

    • Download the ZIP file attached to this document.

    To install:

    • On the server, extract directory in Mid-Tier’s shared folder. So you have shared\mthealth\check.jsp
    • Open check.jsp and change the variables strDirectory and strContext. strDirectory is the folder where the access logs are stored. Follow the format: double backslashes and ending with additional double backslashes:

    String strDirectory = "C:\\Program Files\\Apache Software Foundation\\Tomcat 7.0\\logs\\";

    String strContext = "/arsys";

    • In Tomcat’s server.xml enable the Access valve:

    <Valve className="org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve" directory="logs"  prefix="localhost_access_log." suffix=".txt"  pattern="%h %l %u %t &quot;%r&quot; statuscode: %s bytes: %b duration: %D jsessionid: %{JSESSIONID}c mjuid: %{MJUID}c g: %{G}c"/>

    To  access:

    • Access the page via /shared/mthealth/check.jsp



    • Displays top 20 HTTP requests for Mid-Tier by duration.
    • Displays top 20 HTTP requests for Mid-Tier by bytes returned.
    • Identifies BackChannel requests with faulty results.
    • Allows you to sort on the various columns.
    • Allows you to search by time frame.

    If you have any suggestions for version 0.2:

    • Contact me via BMC Communities.


    The small print:

    This is a community supported tool. I work for BMC, but this tool is not officially supported. If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions, please contact me via BMC Communities.