Remedyforce Summer 14 (20.14.02) Upgrade FAQ

Version 8
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    Update 1/15/15: Remedyforce Winter 15 has been released.  Please refer to the Remedyforce Winter 15 (20.15.01.xx) Hybrid Upgrade FAQ article for details.

    Hello Remedyforce Community!  Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the Remedyforce Summer 14 upgrade process.  Enjoy!


    Update 11/07/14: Summer 14 Patch 3 maintenance dates have been announced. Please refer to Scheduled Maintenance - Remedyforce Summer '14 Patch 3 ( for additional details.



    Where Can I Find Out More Information About Remedyforce Summer 14?

    Regardless of your Remedyforce version, links to detailed all release notes, upgrade documentation, administrator guides, and more can be found at this link on our support site (login required).



    What Are My Upgrade Options?

    With Remedyforce Summer 14 we've added a new option, self-upgrade, which allows you to have full control of your upgrade experience!  For those who wish to be on the latest and greatest and have BMC perform the upgrade, that option is still available as well.

    There are two easy options for upgrading to Remedyforce Summer 14:

    1. Self-upgrade anytime via the AppExchange
      • Log in to the BMC Support site and read the BMC Remedyforce Upgrade Guide for Remedyforce 20.14.02.xx which will walk you through upgrading via the AppExchange
      • You should perform all of the required steps documented.  Optional steps are also defined depending on how you have configured your Remedyforce instance.
    2. Select one of the pre-determined upgrade slots (7:00am, 3:00pm, or 11:00pm Eastern, Monday through Thursday) and submit a request to BMC Support or your Customer Success Manager
      • Once the upgrade is complete you will need to perform the optional steps defined in the BMC Remedyforce Upgrade Guide for Remedyforce 20.14.02.xx depending on your Remedyforce configuration.



    When Can I Upgrade?

    If you choose to self-upgrade, you may upgrade at any time.  Simply refer to the BMC Remedyforce Upgrade Guide on the BMC Support site.


    If you wish for BMC to upgrade your ORG:

    For ORGs running Remedyforce Summer 13 or greater, we have dedicated push-upgrade slots of 7:00am, 3:00pm, and 11:00pm Eastern, Monday through Thursday.


    For ORGs running a Remedyforce version prior to Summer 13, our teams will assist in scheduling your manual upgrade.  Since upgrades from versions before Summer 13 require some additional steps, the upgrade date and time will vary based upon availability and current version running.



    How Do I Know What Version My ORG Is Currently Running?

    An administrator can log into each of your ORG's and go to Setup > Installed Packages.  Find the Package Name of 'BMC Remedyforce' and a Version number will be listed beside it. While the 'dots' and number of characters in the version number may vary, here is a general mapping of Remedyforce version numbers to names:

    Winter 11 -

    Spring 12 -

    Winter 13 -

    Spring 13 -

    Summer 13 -

    Winter 14 -

    Summer 14 -



    What About Sandbox ORGs?

    Since Production and Sandbox ORGs are separate environments, upgrading one will not impact the other.  The process for upgrading is the same regardless of the ORG type.  BMC encourages upgrading your Sandbox ORG prior to your Production ORG; however it is not required.  For additional information on Sandboxes visit the Salesforce Help Pages.


    Prior to upgrading a Sandbox ORG, be sure to click the Remedyforce Administration tab and allow the page to fully load one time.  Sometimes Sandboxes are refreshed and this tab is not opened which will cause an Out Of The Box missing notice during the upgrade.



    Will My Sandbox ORGs Be Upgraded Before My Production ORGs?

    If you are self-upgrading, you may upgrade any ORG at any time.  While recommended, it is not required to upgrade Sandbox before Production.


    When you submit an upgrade request to BMC, be sure that the ORG ID is for the Production or Sandbox ORG that you specifically wish to have upgraded.  For example, if you request an upgrade for ORG 1234 we will upgrade ORG 1234 - regardless if it is a Production or Sandbox ORG.  There is no requirement to upgrade a Sandbox ORG before a Production ORG.



    Will There Be Downtime During The Upgrade?

    You should not see any 'downtime' during the upgrade process.  We encourage upgrading Sandbox ORG's before Production ORG's especially if you run custom code, object, or classes.



    What Actions Do I Need To Perform After The Upgrade?

    If you are self-upgrading, all of the required and optional steps are listed in the BMC Remedyforce Upgrade Guide on the BMC Support site.


    When BMC performs the upgrade we complete all of the 'required' post-upgrade steps.  Depending on what version you are upgrading from, there will be optional steps that you will need to perform to take advantage of new features and functionality.



    How Do I Submit a BMC Upgrade Request?

    First, find your ORG ID in the following location: Setup > Company Profile > Company Information > Organization ID

    Note: Each Production and Sandbox environment will have different ORG IDs.  Be sure that you are logged into the correct environment when finding your ORG ID.  If you wish to upgrade Production and a Sandbox, then you will need to log into each environment to document the different ORG IDs and complete the steps.


    Next, perform the following steps:

    1. Log into the SFDC > Click your username > Click Setup

    2. Under Personal Setup, Click My Personal Information > Click Grant Login Access

    3. Click the drop down for Access duration by for the BMC Support record

    4. Select the appropriate time frame

    5. Click the drop down for Access duration by for the Salesforce record

    6. Select the appropriate time frame

    7. Click Save


    For Sandbox ORGs be sure to also:

    1. Click on the Remedyforce Administration tab
    2. Allow the page to fully load (this will load all Out Of The Box Objects required for the upgrade)


    Finally, contact BMC Support or your Remedyforce Customer Success Manager to request your upgrade.  Include your ORG ID and the date/time that you would like the upgrade performed.  Available upgrade slots are 7:00am, 3:00pm, and 11:00pm Eastern, Monday through Thursday.  A representative will confirm your upgrade date and time prior to executing.



    Will BMC Upgrade My ORG Automatically?

    At this time there are no plans to push the Remedyforce Summer 14 upgrade to ORGs without a customer request.  You will need to self-upgrade or submit a request to receive Remedyforce Summer 14.



    Where Can I Find Information on Summer 14 Patch Releases?

    Details about Summer 14 Patches can be found at the following locations: