RandScan.sh.  Automates, randomizes scan submissions.

Version 4
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    We purchased the ADDM to first and foremost assist in a datacenter move.  The scheduled scans that the software provides didn't quite fit into that need as we were looking for unknown communications, that could pop up at any time, to identify everything that had to move and in what sequence.  Therefore I wrote a script that would constantly and randomly scan all of our IP ranges in an effort to capture all that we didn't know.


    It's grown. In it's current state it takes into consideration system loads before submitting a scans, can do "dynamic" scans based on queries, allows for separate weekend scans versus daily scans and some other stuff.  IP ranges of known hosts, ESX host, etc are loaded into separate files and the script randomly selects one then uses the random option of tw_scan_control to randomize even further.  I keep this running 24x7 and have no scheduled scans whats so ever.


    I'm uploading this in hopes that some one else might find it useful.  There is no support unless accompanied with a bribe (beer) and if it breaks anything it's not my fault.  There are a few values that you will need to adjust for your environment.  Notes are include within the script.  If you find a bug or have an idea for enhancement I'd would appreciate an email.


    Enjoy.  Or not.