Finding Job that use a lot of CPU on a linux appserver

Version 1

    # This script works on a linux appserver.  It can be run when there is high load seen

    # on the appservers and it will get a thread dump, a process listing and correlate

    # the threads w/ high cpu utilization w/ the WorkItem-Threads and Jobs currently running

    # for further investigation.


    # The script takes a couple parameters, the min cpu percentage show by 'top' to trigger

    # a gather, and the list of appservers.  It's assumed that the RSCD agent is installed

    # on all the target appservers and  the user running the script is mapped to root on

    # these appservers.


    # The results are dumped to a temporary directory noted in the script output and you can

    # inspect the files named w/ the hex id of the thread and see what the thread is doing

    # in the stack trace and it should show the job name as well.


    # This must run as a user in BLAdmins


    This is v0.1 - it was useful in a couple customer environments and got me what we needed to see why their appservers were getting hozed.  It only works on Linux appservers.  I'm open to suggestions for improvements/fixes.