Create Content by email

Version 3

    Do you know you can create content from your email directly on your Group/Community in BMC Communities?


    1. Go to the Community/Group you're a part of

    • Locate the Under Actions panel on the page. You can only see it when you're logged in; you might have to scroll down a bit.
    • you have the 'Create by email' option and select type of content you want to create

    create by email.png


    2. Send yourself the VCardcreate by email vcard contact.png

    • A VCard is a Unique 'To email address' for that Community/Group for the Specific content type you chose
    • It is Sent to you as a Contact by email
    • Save the Contact to your address book


    3. Email to create Content

    • Once you have the contact in your Address book you can shoot an email to create a Discussion/Document.

    Definitely not as rich as doing it from the Web/ Mobile - but hey, still a step towards online collaboration.